Friday, December 2, 2011

the day after...

Is all kinds of stuff! Thanks so much to everyone for birthday wishes yesterday. All over! Twitter, Facebook, email, phone. You are super. And...I survived.

Since I survived I'll announce that...tada:

LONG LOST, the sequel to BIG BAD is out today. Woohoo! You can find a blurb and all that jazz here (note, if you haven't ready BB and want to, I wouldn't go check out the blurb for LL). It's also available at ARe and all those fine vendors.

And woohooo! Yesterday on my actual 40th the sexy book above was released in the UK (US coming v. soon). That's a hell of a birthday howdy! Find out more here.

Let's see, I have more to say but cannot remember what it is. I guess that's the senility setting in. Heh.


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