Friday, December 9, 2011

Did we really think...

I could walk past this apple and not bring it home with me?

Working on editing and writing today. Hope you're Friday is rocking. What are YOU reading over the weekend? Share with me. I have a copy of Long Lost and a copy of The Best of Sommer Marsden to give out.

I'll pick a commenter for each over the next few days. Make sure to leave your email addy.



  1. I'm currently cycling through three or four books right now. My main one is Megan Hart's first book in her Solace series.

  2. I haven't decided what I'm reading weekend plans include cookie making, present wrapping, I'm thinking cookbooks? ;)

  3. Dark Slayer and Undone are the two novels I'm reading.

  4. Well I just finished Long Lost and after a few hours on my WIP I'll be taking a break with some Delilah Devlin "Pleasing Sir".

  5. The Tin Star by J.L. Langley, and Gift Wrapped by Kim Dare.


  6. I WAS going to read a certain book from one of my favorite authors (*wink wink). But fate decided otherwise. YES, lovely fate thought it was a great idea to drop something very hard on my kindle screen and broke the internal screen(sad face). No worries though, I ordered another so I can read it by Tuesday latest :)
    Shhhhh, hubby don't know yet (evil laugh). In the meantime I'm reading a couple of books from Keri Arthur.. Happy day all!


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