Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finding my Christmas spirit day three...

This one was a no brainer for me. My father died in 1976 about 5 weeks shy of my fifth birthday. In 1978 this song was released. For whatever reason, possibly the melancholy opening bits (I've always been a lyric person) I began to associate this song and this sentiment to how I felt about being the kid missing a dad on the holidays.

Sounds super sad, but I must say that when I would hear the opening of this song, my heart always perked up and I took it as a nod from my dad. That even though he wasn't *here*, he was here.

This year I was going crazy because despite keeping the Christmas music station on in the car whenever I went out, I never heard it. They kept playing the Aaron Neville version. And though Aaron has some mad singing skillz...not the same (Sorry, Aaron)

Finally, Monday, when the man was off and we had to shop and I felt my most unChristmasy yet with one pneumonia kid, one health issue kid, an abundance of stress and a shortage of came on. And I hushed the man, sang along and something in me felt a little bit lighter.

It would all be okay.

Maybe way too much importance to hang on a little song, but to me it's my signal that I'm not alone. Even when I feel it. So, there you go. Finding my spirit day, three.

(I have since heard the song about six times. It seems to be every time I'm ready to cry or break something with a hammer). Let's call it the Universe's tranquilizer ;)


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