Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finding my Christmas spirit day three: part 2

Some of our favorite Christmas books come from an unexpected source: horror writer Dean Koontz.

When I found the Santa's Twin Book, I literally gasped. I'd read bits of the book within the book of Mr. Murder when MM was released. When the kids were small, I stumbled over the book from the book. And bought it. To this day, at some point, someone reads from it.

And as for Trixie's book, one word: sausage.

I found these today and thought to bring them up for visitors to look at. I figured I'd share with you in case you'd never seen them.

As for the rest of the day, four felt mice sewn, pot pie made, wrapping done, some editing, some writing and hanging back to be with girl child who is recovering nicely but not 100%. We watched Christmas Vacation together and ya know...that movie never gets old.

Plus, I got my copies of BWE '12 so...yay me! Good stuff. I'm easing into the holiday this year, but I am getting there.


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