Friday, December 23, 2011

Finding my spirit day five...possibly FOUND!

Things that have helped me find my spirit: making gluten free sausage balls at 8 a.m. Managing not to eat them all before putting them away. Making a sinful pecan pie at 9 a.m. and smelling it through the house. Pulling out Christmas dishes and my red table cloth. Yelling "Do we even have any evergreen trees?" to the man. Later hearing him ask me if the jingle bells were 'purely decorative' Yelling, "Don't throw it!" to the UPS man who galloped up with the man's final gift.

Twenty minutes of trying to get a decent picture of the dog and getting this:

More minutes of being shunned by a pissed off Santa Wiener:

Another thing that fills me with Ho-Ho-Ho spirit is giving stuff away. Like copies of my Christmas (among other holidays) tale of a fetish of shorts. FIXATION will be FREE on Smashwords until Decmber 26th. Use coupon code LK58J to purchase yours!

Denise has found a teeny weenie fixation that she didn’t know about. It seems spotting random and stray erections at various parties turns her on—makes her crazy, makes her randy. Causes her, in fact, to either accost her poor husband or take matters into her own hands. ADULTS ONLY originally appeared on Ruthie's Club

Happy Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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