Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And the Universe, she laughs...

Attacus atlas qtl1

Recently, I bought myself brand new, smoking hot, honest to goodness running shoes. The kind I've been jonesing for the whole time I've been doing this on again, off again love affair with running.

The week they came I was so dizzy I couldn't run. My vertigo was off the chart. I was nauseous. (All gallbladder related FYI). So brand new pimped out shoes--no running.

And the Universe, she laughs.

I got an iPad for my 40th birthday and used Christmas money to buy myself a Bluetooth keyboard. The goal was to get the fuck out of this house several times a week and be mobile and write. But you say, "Sommer, you have a laptop!"

Yes. I also have a bladder the size of a peanut and do not trust people as far as I can throw them. So...I had to pack up my laptop every time I had to pee when working mobile. MUCH easier to do with an iPad and a tiny keyboard than a laptop. You can point to Aisling Weaver and a lunch we had one day as the devil that done made me do it.

I coveted. I got.

Now the part that's ironic. Since I got my hands on these nifty toys, I've been too sick to really go and work anywhere. I don't trust being out and about alone that long.

And the Universe, she laughs.

I was going to get both my kids in school and then be a full-time writer and stop homeschooling. That's why we moved here. And I managed it for a good stretch. But I am right now researching homeschooling for the oldest. The school he is at is worse than the ones we moved here to avoid. It's wearing on his health. I will be a full-time writer, a full-time mother and apparently now, a full-time teacher/school principal/warden

And the Universe, she laughs.

But! I wear my fancy running shoes on short walks of the wiener with the man for now. Tell myself I'm breaking them in. I am writing this blog from my sunny bedroom (where I am about to take a nap thanks to pain induced lack of sleep) for a change of scenery. Just me, my iPad and my tiny keyboard and a pool of winter sunlight. AND I am researching the final steps of setting up homeschooling to try and improve my son's physical and emotional and mental health.

The Universe, she may laugh, but me...I adapt.

This is the year for me to pull my shit together and focus. Not make myself insane but keep my mind clear on what I want. I spend a shit ton of time worrying about and explaining what I don't want. Fuck that. I'm just going for what I DO WANT and the rest will fall by the wayside.

Now if you'll excuse me, that bitch of a gallbladder is actually behaving. I'm going to roll over in this patch of sun and snooze for a few minutes.



  1. I hope you're feeling better soon, Sommer.

    It sounds like we are of the same mentality about this wanting to do what we want sort of thing. It hit me hard at the end of 2011. It's something in the stars, I tell ya.

  2. Good luck, Cora! You can do it. I think we both can. It's so simple when you step back and look at it: This is what I want (clean and simple) vs. a bunch of bitching and moaning about what I don't (messy and bleh). It is so simple that I missed it for ages and ages. But not any more! :)


  3. If anyone can deal with the universe's whims and thrive, it's you, my sweet. I have faith in you. :) *HUGS*

  4. Sold! The faith and the hugs :)


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