Tuesday, January 31, 2012

big stuff...(a giveaway)

My book Restless Spirit has gotten me a lot of "ooh, is it a ghost tale?" queries. In some ways, maybe. In a lot, no. The term restless spirit describes my main character Tuesday Cane. She's taken a leap in her life and started over, basically, at a home that used to be her grandmother's. Instilling herself in lake front life as a city girl isn't so easy. But she's determined.

A running theme in my work is big scary leaps. Starting over. Fresh beginnings. New chances. Accepting people into your life you might normally try to keep out. All that good mindfuckery!

Speaking of mindfuckery, this book comes out at the end of April and did you realize...TODAY is the last day of January? How the hell did that happen?

Anyway, on to my point. Given my reoccurring theme, I wanted to base a giveaway on it. If you'd be so kind, just share with me a time you took a chance. Threw caution to the wind. Did a big scary thing or tried something new to you on the off chance that it might work out for you-make your life better-make you happy-fulfill you.

I'll start.

I met the man after a very bad break up and a long string of rebound meh-en (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose). The first thing I said to my sister about him was: "He's not my type". (I'm pretty sure that subconsciously this translated to: he's not an asshole/not a hot mess/not a jerk/not going to mooch off me/not going to employ mental guerrilla warfare etc).

I took a chance and I met him that next night for a drink. And the night after. And when I felt myself falling for him, I let it happen. And when he told me he loved me (very soon after we met, yes, yes! You love at first sight/super fast falling in love haters, it can happen!) I told him I loved him. Because I did. Even though it made my knees knock. Within a year we were married. Right on the heels of that occasion I was knocked up. And...we started that family I swore that I never wanted. Only I did. I just needed to find the right co-captain to help me do it.

The. End.

Now you!

Comments will be put in a hat and a name will be drawn for a paperback copy of Restless Spirit and a copy of winner's choice of back title (providing I have it. If I do not have a hard copy, I will surely have an ebook format.) And probably some other little goodies will show up with your books.

I'll run this until the book drops in April. So spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your mom! Share your stories with me in the comments section. Tell me how you were brave and ballsy!

p.s. Please be sure to leave your email address should you win. That way I can get in touch with you for your mailing address. Thanks!


  1. Ooooh. My life is a running list of 'stepping off the edge', with some more successful than others.

    But. I think the big one is the one I just did. I met my girlfriend on Twitter. Yep. On Twitter. Seriously. She's a part of the extensive writer/poet network and our circles intersect in certain ways.

    She'll tell you she pursued me from the get. I'll agree. But I kept her at arm's length for a long time. I had just left a thirteen year long relationship. We'd been split for a bit over two months, he'd barely been out of the hours a matter of weeks.

    Still, she flirted. She wrote poems that I _thought_ might just be about me. We started to talk in dms. Real conversations, then emails, then on the phone. We met. We found we have _amazing_ chemistry.

    Still...I was scared. So damned scared. I'll admit, it took me a while. But in March of 2011 I got on a plane from Atlanta to Buffalo and realized that I wasn't thinking of going 'home'....because home had suddenly become a place that was NOT Buffalo.

    My leap was a combination of leaps. I let myself fall in love. Then I ran head first off the cliff and moved to Atlanta. So we could date. So we could find out if what we had was more than fun weekend getaways.

    So far......It's proving to be a hell of a lot more than that. And I'm pretty damned sure I'm here for good.

    There ya go :) That's my leap!

  2. That's easy! Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of me leaving my job and starting my own business - which was a huge gamble and luckily it paid off! :)

  3. I learned to ride my own motorcycle two years ago. Now, I can't imagine now knowing how to ride.

  4. At 46, I told my husband I wanted to move. Not just to a new house, I wanted to move away. Having lived my entire life within a forty to fifty mile radius of where I grew up, this was quite a leap for me. It was a leap away from my comfort zone and away from everyone I had known my entire life. To make a long story short, we did it. It took several months of traveling to the area we had in mind to look for a house and check things out. Luckily my husband had retired early and I was looking to end things where I was working at the time. We love our home in the bigger city. I have made many wonderful new friends and we have had many new adventures. It was not without heartache. My family is still kind of pissed at me and don't really understand why I wanted to do this. But then, I've always been kind of the oddball in my family in that I'm not really like them. I have different political and spiritual beliefs and a different life philosophy from them. I do love them but I had to do something to shake myself up before I hit the big five-oh. It's been almost seven years and I don't regret it. I miss people and the familiarity of "home" but I have a car that runs well and good tires and I know the road that leads me back there when I need to reconnect.

  5. Ah, these are all so good. Thank you for sharing. Of course I was present for big changes in Aisling's and Lucy's lives, so I got to see them leap first hand! Go them.

    Tracy, wow. I'd break the bike for sure, but...wow. That's awesome.

    And Melinda, you have pretty much lived my dream! I'd love to up and move somewhere. Not sure if that feeling would stay once we were wherever we were moving, but I crave someplace that is not here something awful sometimes.

    ****Melinda and Tracy, if you are interested in winning, please come back and leave me an email so I can contact you if I do. My bad! forgot to put that in the blog.


  6. Life for me has been about controlled risks. Knowing when to jump off otherwise staying in place. Then came Fluffy and the Salmon Plan. Salmons go back to where they were born, fuck, have children, and die. And Fluffy wanted to do the same thing. Which meant leaving the rather tech-rich environment of Chicago and moving to Iowa where my job prospects were considerably less and I'd be looking at a huge cut in pay.

    It took us nine years to get this far, but its chugging along nicely. I have a wonderful job, one spawn while working on getting her knocked up for a second, and about to buy a new place so we can settle down "properly".

    Terrifying, though, when we came up with the Plan all those years ago...

  7. I think you'd have a hard time breaking them...my husband and I both had our moments and they have done well for us.

    The mechanical/electrical issues are a completely different story. It seems like *something* is always broken, but my husband's bikes nearly always run smoothly....

    gtaiello @ gmail . com

  8. I took an around the world cruise in my late twenties (it was only 65 days, not one of the 100+ days) even though the office manager said my job might not be waiting for me when I got back. The *itch waited until my last day to say it to me even though I gave them 3 months notice. Of course, my job was still there when I got back (and quite frankly, I didn't care if it was because of her).


  9. Wow, you took a chance with not my type and it worked out. Well I've been divorced for 9 yrs so I date some. I think positive... I put myself out there. Go out with guys.. even ones that aren't my type and it just goes no where. I am thinking maybe I'm just meant to be single. christina_92 at yahoo.com

  10. I met my now husband online. He had a seriously bad rep and I got warned so many times not to get involved with him...

    We spoke on the phone, met in real life and about 6 months later we moved in together and 2 years after we met we married and we've been married for 11 years now, happily.

    So glad I took the chance. :)

  11. My first trip anywhere on my own was to NYC about six years ago. I took the ferry to Rochester from Toronto, was picked up by a friend I only knew from online and then we drove the ten hours to the city, where I stayed with my friend in her third floor walkup on a saggy air mattress. Going home,I took a cab to Port Authority at three in the morning (a brave thing to do in itself - and if you've ever driven in a NY cab you know what I'm talking about). Then took the Greyhound back to Rochester, and the ferry back home.

    All in all, I got about eight hours sleep in three days, and had the time of my life!


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