Thursday, January 12, 2012

it's been a while...

I used to write poetry. That's how I started this whole "I want to be a writer" gig. I wrote it all through college and beyond. Some of it was even published, thank you very much, she said shyly.

But it's been a while since words started rolling through my head in that format. In the shower. And wouldn't stop. So I had to jump out naked and wet and run to the bedroom and pull out various bits of paper to find one with some white space. And fuck! A pen. I never have one, especially when naked it seems.

The result is below. are forewarned. It may blow. It probably does, in fact. But it's the first poem I've written in ages so I'm going to hold it up in the light, shake it a little...look at it. ;)

Happy Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Thank-fucking-goodness.


By Sommer Marsden

I miss it
The silence
The void
Just me with words
No plans and plots for publication

Bare bones
Grass roots
Cliché: blood, sweat and tears
Ink on a page of white.

Like breathing
Only better

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  1. Nicely said.

    I've been writing poetry since I learned how to string words together. It's been awhile since I put something together too. So I gave it an attempt.

    Yours is better. LOL.

    Wonderful Sommer. Booke of poetry next?


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