Friday, January 6, 2012

just a reminder if you are also frustrated...

like I am. I'm sticking with my journaling...BY PEN! in! resolution for this year. Tonight I wrote: "frustrated about the whole no running thing."

New shoes and a great few weeks of improving. And then bam! Sick-sick-sick. Can barely eat, certainly can't run. And I'm fucking frustrated.

But since page one I've been ending entries with THINGS TO DO. And it's not like: buy paper, get new socks, clean the tub. It's more like: focus, laugh, turn off the computer, read a magazine, look at the sky...

Tonight under THINGS TO DO--first item: BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF

I'm not very good at it. I don't even try it often. But I'm going to try it now. This year. 40 is the time to master the patience with myself. So maybe you're feeling frustrated right now about something. How about you try it too. With me. Sometimes I'm pretty smart when I don't get in my own way. Those shoes aren't running off without me. They'll be waiting when I finally feel strong enough to lace them up and bust some asphalt.


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