Sunday, January 29, 2012

pictures from the weekend...

I love a good mish-mash of photos from the weekend. I know you all probably think I'm a nutso, but I love doing blogs that are mainly just a collection of pics ;) Hope you had a great weekend.

Crispy/chewy homemade Gluten Free and Vegan chocolate chip cookies sans the chocolate chips. I just wanted cookies. No chips!

Score! Awesome GF snack. Wasabi Cashew clusters. Extra score for me as I have become sensitive to peanuts but adore cashews. There's only one word for these...*addictive*.

You should have heard the shameless woop I let out when I found these. I could wax poetic for quite a while over how much I have missed egg rolls and dumplings. But no more. These are To. Die. For.

Oh my god. The man made Korean beef on the smoker tonight. First time ever. And I have to give him kudos. It kicks serious ass over even the finest beef on a stick. I'll be begging for this often.

And first smoked salmon. To save time, see comments above. They apply to zee fish too!

Hmph. Girl child got me addicted to trying all kinds of apps. This is a photo app and I can't decide if I like "gritty" or...

"vintage" better. These are the things that amuse me late into the night.


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