Thursday, January 5, 2012

A pound...

That's how much lipstick a woman eats per year. I've read it here and there, and obviously it's an estimate, but damn. A POUND. If you are a regular reader a)thank you and b) you know I'm GF which means gluten free. And I have found in the nearly endless research into this fun little bubble of existence called Celiac, that it's the stuff you're not paying attention to that is leaking gluten into your diet. Like your lipstick.

So last night, after catching up on a year of The Celiac Diva on my iPad (so much fun. Felt very decadent!) I decided to peruse Red Apple Lipstick found on her site. And...well, I paid the most I've ever paid for a tube of lipstick (thank you two glasses of wine and the ease of online paying). However, I'm a loyal lipstick kind of gal. I find a shade I love and just stick with that puppy until it's done.

My shade-to-be is SECRETS. Not sure what I love most: that it's gluten free, that it's pretty or...the name.

But it's not a secret, because I'm telling you!

So if you are GF like me or suspect you are gluten intolerant or whatnot, then check them out. Or maybe you just want a kick ass red. There is a red on that site that looks to die for. I can't war red, it makes me look like I'm bleeding out of my mouth, but those of you who can pull it off, go check it out.

When I get the shade in my hot little hands and on my greedy little lips, I'll report my final verdict. Very exciting. I feel all girly!

It's Thursday right? Yeah, it is. Happy Thursday! I have a book I'm working on among other things. As usual, I feel three steps behind, but thanks to my New Year's promises to myself I'm remembering to breathe and do what I can. Minus the spazzing and nervous breakdowns.



  1. That is so pretty! Update when you get it, I'm so curious. :)

  2. I'm already eyeing up "French Skirt" for summer, May! Oh my @.@ They also offer a nifty lipstick exchange and those little samples if you're not sure. Said the brand new addict...



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