Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alrighty, I'm siging off until...

I have no idea. Surgery is tomorrow at 11.30, so give me some good vibes if you can spare 'em. I am oddly, not so freaking out. Yet. I might, I might not, I guess only the next 24 hours will tell.

Boy, I hope my nurse looks like that. But I hope she keeps her ass of sterile stuff until *after* my surgery ;)

Now that my yammering about my bum gall bladder and impending surgery is at an end (hollah! amen! hallelujah! and testify!) I will yammer about something more awesome. Like this. A super 5 star review for The Best of Sommer Marsden from Jade Magazine. Click it! It gets bigger...heh:

And for what it's worth, thanks to all who have listened to me bitch, gripe, worry and all that jazz, offering unending support, humor and good thoughts. Y'all--on my twitter feed, FB lineup and email--are my 'co-workers'. You're who I spend my day with, so thanks for putting up with me. You rock!

See you when the drugs wear off :)


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