Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And we wrap up the tour with...

Les sirenes visitees par les muses, lalyre Janine Ashbless who has titled her blog today SOMMER HAS ANGRY SEX! (ha!). And that's a fair statement considering the blog is about how much of me is in my characters and how much of my characters might be in me. And that mom's do...alert the media...wait for it...have sex (gasp!)

Final stop on the tour. Thanks to all who've popped in to peek and especially to those who have been along for the whole angry ride. You're super. :)

p.s. As an aside, I recently (yes, yes! I know I've had my contributor copies forever, but that is how I work, randomly pulling books down and reading stories when the mood strikes) Janine's story "Gold, on Snow" in Alison Tyler's Alison's Wonderland . Wowza! If you have not read that particular take on Snow it.

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  1. Sorry about the title Sommer - I just couldn't resist ;-)

    And thank you for the Gold, on Snow shoutout - I had such wicked fun writing that story!


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