Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Besides this AMAZING artwork...

(click it. it gets bigger. heh) I wanted to say happy birthday, to you, "the man". :) I've always known I was lucky, but the last few weeks (post surgical bullshit and horrors included) have proven me wrong. I am not lucky. I am whatever lies beyond lucky. Whatever lives just past blessed. And I love you and have no words to pinpoint it, despite doing this word thing all day long. I could keep talking, but that pretty much sums it up.

Hope we make your birthday whatever lies beyond joyous and fun and memorable. :)

p.s. yes, reader, you guessed it, it's the man's birthday. say howdy if you want. I'll be back to normal work bloggage tomorrow. xoxo
p.p.s. Yes! I did do that AWE-INSPRING ART. All by myself. What do you mean you believe it?


  1. Sweet!

    best wishes to both of you :-)

  2. Happy Birfday Mister Sommer! LOL. Hope it's abso-frantiscally wonderful! (yes I made that up - but I still wish it for you anyway). HUGS from Toronto.


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