Friday, March 23, 2012

see you...

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in a few. Lot going on here and I have very little to say at the moment as far as blogging. I've noticed in the past that the thing to jump start my urge to say things on my blog is saying that I shan't say anything on my blog! I am a pain in the ass that way. So I'm going to be forcibly quiet for a few days to percolate.

That being said, What are you reading!? Any good suggestions to share? I am just wrapping up Aloha from Hell: A Sandman Slim Novel by Richard Kadrey. An awesome series I (thank goodness!) fell ass backwards into. I'm looking for more. I prefer horror, mystery and the 'new'* Scifi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy thing (*meaning not what my one girlfriend used to read. The books were the size of bibles and had sentences like "He was the high elf of Aqokjncoing and his name was Yeonohgohniogn. His father had been a Y'pjnong and had won the great war" (that is when I start drooling)). So if you have a stellar book that is just too good to even put words around, tell me. :) I will check in to post any suggestions throughout the weekend.



  1. Game of Thrones is an excellent fantasy series if you haven't read it yet. It's very character-driven and not so much of that "Yeonohgohnigon" type silliness ;)

  2. I am currently reading The Scar by China Mieville, very good fantasy author. I read Unlondon by him first, also brilliant. Also I highly recommend Jasper Fforde, and his Thursday Next series. Very funny fantasy with lots of literary jokes. Christopher Brookmyre writes hilarious contemporary novels set in Scotland, which are thrillers with loads of black comedy in them.

  3. You got me into Mr. Sandman Slim, and I can't wait to read the rest. That being said, I have nothing really interesting I'm reading right now. I'm pingpong-ing back and forth between a few on my Kindle. I WAS enjoying The American Book of The Dead by Henry Baum. But it's kind of stagnated for me. Oh, if you want funny, read Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting. Yes, that Bobby Singer. Yes that kind of hunting. Yes it's an official SN book. :D


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