Sunday, April 29, 2012

22 years of ignorance...

You might wonder how a person never saw Twin Peaks. Hell, I wonder. I remember it coming out and all the hoopdie doo and all those who watched it chattering away at school or work. But it seemed to me, at the time, at the ripe old age of 19 that it was too much friggin' effort. And it also seemed like one of those shows that if you missed *one* single episode (back in the stone ages before on demand where if you missed it, you missed it) you were hosed.

Let's not forget, I was nineteen, in college taking something like 17 credits and working two jobs at the time. When I did have free time, I read, watched movies or went out with my friends.

So I went 22 years without knowing who killed Laura Palmer. And not a single soul ever revealed to me who done it. Which was spectacular when I found the collection of Twin Peaks at my library to borrow and decided, at 40, to experience what so many people had talked about for so long. In the comfort of my own home.

The rules were: No child or husband was allowed to tell anyone that I was watching it. Because, you damn well know that as soon as they revealed it, some joker would say, "What, you didn't know that ______________ killed Laura Palmer!" and then I'd have to kill that person. I'm too young and vibrant for jail. The other rule was, I did not mention it to anyone online, no matter how strange, funny, or mindfucky the episode might be (giants,little people, owls, eye patches, spirits, screaming----loooooots of screaming, invalids...I could go on) for the same reason. So no one would inadvertently ruin it for me.

Now I'm done. And might I say: "What the fuck?"

I loved it. I hated it. It was awesome, It was awful. I have never seen a television show (past or present) that could run the gamut from hysterical to bone chilling in one episode. I have also never seen such a cluster of good actors doing bad acting. Overly-dramatic, super surreal music, true soap opera fashion...on crack. A mish mash of theory, lore, speculation, Buddhism, waking dreams and well, the kitchen sink!

I can sum up the final episode thusly: Me in the living room watching it, girl child on her iPad half watching and boy child yells down from upstairs "*WHAT* ARE YOU WATCHING!?!?" Seriously, half the episode was screaming and the other half was strange music and the rest was a valiant effort to tie up loose ends with pretty bows due to being canceled. As for the last 20 seconds, well, as goofy as the 'wrap up' was and as confusing...thank you Dale Cooper for putting a chill up my spine.

Now, all that being said, anyone see the Psych episode of Dual Spires? Ha! Oh, and I need a tee that says I FINALLY KNOW WHO KILLED LAURA PALMER. Tada!



  1. Y'know, I've never watched that either?

    And I don't know who killed Laura Palmer!

  2. (O_O)

    My "prove you're not a robot" words for my comment were..
    "ndeaddie Andmins"

  3. Heh. I never watched it either. Although I think it came out a year or two later over here. But it was just a show that didn't appeal to me. So I'm the OTHER one who never saw it.

    But I imagine I'm the ONLY one out here who's never watched The X-Files...

  4. Yeah, but Ais, you were too young, I think to watch it. Were you like...ten? Aren't you about a decade younger than me? (*sob*). I wouldn't let a ten year old watch that show. Evah! *falls down dead*

  5. I'm with Aisling. I've never seen it. I didn't know she was dead.O_O

    Might be something to look into...shhhhh...

  6. I knew who killed Laura Palmer. But please tell me you haven't waited this long to see Blue Velvet?

  7. Gosh, no. I saw that when I was...17? 18? 19? Something like that. "Pabst Blue Ribbon!"



  8. Heh indeed.

    "Man I like Heineken! You like Heineken?"

  9. I saw it for the first time about a month ago, and it's hard to imagine it airing on network TV. Haven't watched the movie, yet, though.

  10. *laughing, wipes away the tears*

    10? No. I was not 10. *still laughing*

    I was 15 when it came on... I remember all the furor about it...but we didn't have cable which meant that of the three channels that sorta came in on the antenna the one that Twin Peaks was on was not one that I got!


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