Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Angry Sex on My Porch

My copies came! The UPS man literally chucked them onto my porch (Grr...). But, they are soooooo pretty! I lined them up, held them up, examined them and made some girlish noises. Willsin Rowe's cover is just as gorgeous in person as it is in ebook.

I'm putting up a little dirty snippet of Angry Sex today to celebrate. It is definitely NSFW.

Also, thanks to all my guest bloggers this week and to all the readers who read them and those who left comments. :)

I have writing to do, banking to do, thrift storing to do with girl child. Busy, busy bee. Buzz, buzz, buzz...but first. That dirty NSFW snippet:

*also now available in print
by Sommer Marsden
NSFW Excerpt:

He moved over her, kissed her once, hard, and stared her down. “Hi,” Adam said, positioning himself between her legs. But he didn’t push into her. Just positioned himself that way—in a holding pattern—right above her and touched up against her nether lips.
“Hi,” Luna breathed, trying very hard to stay still. To stay calm.
“Hi,” he said again and slipped into her slowly. She was so wet he entered with ease, driving deep so that they connected with the smack of pelvic bones and matching gasps of pleasure.
Luna nodded, stupidly. She gripped him, and moved her hips up to fill herself with his cock. He was thick which stretched her in a way she wasn’t used to. Until recently, it had been masturbation with slim toys for quite a while and now…oh now, she was full of him and it felt good to be full. “Okay?” he asked, his movements amping up. His thrusts rough and desperate.
“Okay, okay,” she said and nodded. A slam of emotions worked through her—the anger at his anger toward her. The shock that her bedroom door was open and they were fucking. The remembered sadness that her son was gone. She shut her eyes to block it out, to hide it from him.
Now was not the time for emotion. Now was the time for release.
Adam kissed her again and must have caught something. His fingers swept the moist skin beneath her eyes and she shuddered internally because there was no denying the wetness on his fingertips. “None of that, boss lady,” he said.
She made a noise like a startled bird when he grabbed her arms and pushed them above her head. Elbows bent, wrists crossed, upper body pinned beneath his. She brought her legs up high and wide to get him in as deep as he could get. Every thrust brought his pelvic bone down on her clit, sending a damp shiver through her body. She was going to come. But so caught up in the pain and confusion, lust and urgency, she felt like she was swirling down a drain. Being sucked to nowhere on a wave of tainted pleasure. Goodness deeply veined with grief.
Adam shoved hard against her wrists, the small bones grinding together provoking a burst of pain. He found the tenderest bit of her throat with his teeth and bit her, all the while rocking into her with quiet intention.
She came. The noise of her orgasm ripped out of her on a deep and embarrassing sob. She was too far gone to stop it and her confusion made its loud stamp on the quiet room with a different mournful sound. And yet her pussy continued to clamp and spasm around him. Taking every thrust he offered, milking every ounce of bliss she could get from their coupling. It left her weak and shaken.
Adam pulled from her, grunting, “good”. When he stood, cock hard and flushed, it hit her—he hadn’t climaxed.
He was rifling in his pants and she sat up, wiping her eyes, too shocked to feel embarrassed by her tears. “You didn’t…” she started.
He glanced at her, blue eyes flashing in the low light thrown off by the dim table lamp she always kept on. “Didn’t what, boss lady?”
He flashed her a half smile and she felt heated attraction fill her again. “You didn’t come.” She nodded to his erection even as a blush heated her cheeks.
Adam ripped his belt from the loops and Luna watched, feeling slow and confused. What the hell what he doing?
When he moved toward her, she didn’t think to move away. She simply sat there. He dropped to the bed and grabbed her hand. She turned her palm against his and clasped his hand briefly, he squeezed as if they were sweethearts holding hands.  “That’s because we’re not done yet,” he said.
Then he placed her hand on his cock and she felt his pulse there, the dampness on his skin from their sex, the jerk of his desire when she squeezed. Adam gave another grunt—for some reason his caveman sounds turned her on to no end—and then he whipped his belt out and around her wrist. Before she could react, he’d moved behind her, the mattress bouncing joyfully with his movements.
“What are you doing?” she squeaked.
“We’re supposed to be having angry sex, Luna. Not sad sex, or emotional sex, or happy sex, or giggly sex. Angry sex. So, I’m helping you get your anger back.”
She had no idea what he was talking about, but when he grabbed his belt and used it to truss her upper arms up so she couldn’t move them, she let out a caterwaul worthy of an angry cat.
“Let me go!”
“Nope. Hang out right here and get your anger back, lady.” He grabbed a pair of nylons she had on the bedside chair and did something with them. He was behind her and so were her hands so she had no idea what he was doing—all she knew was the end result was she couldn’t move away from the bedpost. She was not only trapped in his belt but she was bound to her bed.
Luna’s breathing was hard and she gritted her teeth—ire filling her gut.
“Let me go,” she said as calmly as she could.
“Soon.” He turned and started to walk to the doorway. His cock was still hard and flushed, and she still felt an amazing surge of want when she saw him.
“But where are you going?” Her voice was too high, too panicky.
“To make a sandwich. I’m starved.” He walked out of the room as she sat there gaping.
What. The. Fuck?

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