Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One day left!

Until the paperback version of Restless Spirit is released (UK version, US soon to follow)! Which  means, one day left to enter my "big stuff" contest. Just comment about something big and/or risky you've done in your life. Could be as big as moving cross country to date a man you'd never met in person or know, buying expensive shoes when they weren't on sale. Hey! If it's risky to you, who am I to judge.

Tomorrow, I'll draw from the comments and the winner gets a copy of Restless Spirit as soon as *my* copies arrive. So once I have mine, you get yours, hot off the presses! GO HERE to ENTER. And stay tuned for the second week of May when the Restless Spirit book tour happens. There will be character dish and chatter and yes, prizes. Huzzah!

Now I go back to trying to wake up. It is not an easy task today...[yawn].


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