Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's rare to see a movie adaptation that even comes close to the book, in my opinion. I usually feel pretty let down. I remember being pretty damn happy by The Dark Half movie based on Stephen King's book. That, for me, did justice to the book. (Whereas, Pet Sematary...kill me now). Anyway, I didn't finish this book until Easter evening, so it was all very fresh in my head. Which means I could have been hyper critical if I wanted to be. And...I wasn't. It was a spectacular movie, in my opinion, where they tried to stick as close to the book as possible, and when they couldn't, the compromise was spot on.

We had a predictor behind us. This would be a person who would lean in to his companions and say, "Now she's going to..." and reveal stuff about three seconds before they happened. Had I been with him, I'd have smothered him about twenty minutes in. There was also a massive throat clearer and a popcorn bag rattler and the dreaded cell phone addict who couldn't just keep it in her pants.

But overall, the movie was a great deal of fun and we all came out very happy. One of the most exciting moment for me was when I realized Stanley Tucci was in it! No one told me Stanley Fucking Tucci was in this. I was so happy. I have a bit of a crush on Mr. Tucci. Like...he'd be on my freebie list and everything.

And yes, I did cry. Those of you who saw the movie or read the book know what part. And I bawled like a baby. To the point where I think I embarrassed girl child. Oh well, she'll live. I hope to embarrass her for many more years to come. Huzzah!

(Now I impatiently wait to get my hands on book two)


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