Monday, April 9, 2012

Still hungry...

So after speed reading The Hunger Games after my children spent months (nay, years, says boy child!) poking me in the ass with pitchforks, I am still hungry. To see the movie, that is. We were supposed to go today after my mad dash to read the whole book in four days while working and Easter and all that jazz. But one of the spawn is experiencing intestinal disturbances today. Intestinal disturbance the day after Easter=too much fucking chocolate.

Me: How much chocolate did you eat?

Minion 1: Some

Me: What's some?

Minion 1: A bit

Me: Do you know what chocolate is?

Minion 1: Delicious?

Minion 2: Is it a laxative? (joyously)

Me: Yes, yes it is...

So! The plan for tomorrow is NO CHOCOLATE and to actually manage to see The Hunger Games. I'm in the process of snagging book two as we speak. Can't wait to see what happens!


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