Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nifty News!

The novellas that appear in The Secret Library volumes are being released as stand alones. Niftier news, my novella Taste It (Xcite Romance)is only 99 cents on Amazon for a short time. Here's the blurbage:

Enjoy a delicious erotic romance novella by bestselling author, Sommer Marsden.

Jill and Cole are competing for the title of Best Chef. The spicy, sizzling and heated televised contest fuels a lust in Jill she’d rather keep buried. She can’t be staring at the man’s muscles ... he’s her competition! During a quick cooking throwdown things start to simmer and it becomes harder and harder for Jill to ignore that she’s smitten in the kitchen. Cole’s suggestive glances and sly smiles aren’t helping her any. When fate puts her in his shower and then his chivalrous nature puts her in his borrowed clothes, there’s no way to deny the natural heat between them.

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