Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

I had a nifty guest blogger with a sexy magical new book. She was a wonderful writer possessing a wicked way with words and she crept into my blog and said...

This Fairy Tale Isn't for Children

By Janine Ashbless

Hello Sommer – thank you for having me here on your blog!

Once upon a time . . . I wrote a novel called Named and Shamed. A book with a LOT of sex in it – crazy, filthy, no-holds-barred sex. It has a contemporary setting in modern Britain, but a Britain in which something has gone terribly wrong. Someone has opened the way for all the fairies out of folklore to come back - and not just the fairies but the sea-monsters and the giants and the pagan gods. Society is in a state of near-collapse. Humans are barricading themselves in the cities, afraid of the countryside, afraid of the dark, afraid of strangers.

And I wrote about a heroine, Tansy, who’s not afraid. She’s learning to live with the new ways: wheeling and dealing, using the clues in the old tales. Until the day she makes a deal with the wrong person, and suddenly finds herself drawn inside the fairy stories, with no way out but one...

So Named and Shamed has a lot of familiar themes, and I used traditional fairy stories gleefully in the plot. It all kicks off when Tansy loses a precious manuscript, and agrees to spend a night of passion with someone who will retrieve it for her – that's The Frog Prince.

But when she's done that she finds herself cursed, and in order to break the curse she has to discover the fairy's True Name – that's Rumpelstiltskin.

She sets out on her quest into the world, as so many fairytale heroes and heroines do. The path she's following is the Welsh tale of Culhwch and Olwen.

She encounters a troll who lives under a bridge – that's the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

She and her friends get captured by a witch who's fattening them up for dinner – that's Hansel and Gretel.

They escape and flee for their lives - that's any number of obstacle chase stories –Nix-Nought-Nothing, or The Mastermaid for example.

She’s enslaved at the otherworldly Court of the Fairies – that's Tam Lin with the genders switched about. And finally, she escapes, and breaks the curse. But only by . . . well, that would be telling!

And there are other fairy tales hidden in the script. Spot the nod to The Elves and the Shoemaker by the foot-fetishism:

Three little mannikins in tiny leather aprons and workmen’s belts even fucked me obsessively between the toes.

If you have a taste for BDSM fairy stories with some wild and extremely kinky action, Named and Shamed might just be the bedtime story you're looking for. Happy endings and all . . .


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  1. Hi Sommer - what a delight to be here, filling your blog with fairytale smut! Thank you!

    Here's a teeny snippet to show how much I perverted everything. I should point out that for some reason I decided that my troll from under the bridge speaks Middle (Chaucerian) English. I've never studied Chaucer, so that was interesting to write!

    “Oh!” I said, finding myself sitting astride the cushion of the troll's huge bollocks, face to face with its erect cock. “Oh my, what a big dick you have!”

    And I do mean
    big. It was easily the length and thickness of my own arm, and as stoutly erect as a stake. It swayed before my eyes.

    Curling almost double, the troll licked its own prick, coating it in a layer of clear slime. It was an accomplishment that I couldn’t help but admire.

    “Mak plesaunce!” it boomed.


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