Friday, May 11, 2012

The one it's all about...

Ballpoint Art (Woman 4) Final day of the Restless Spirit book tour is here. Wow, that went fast! And the final day brings us the star of the shooo, um, I mean book~Tuesday Cane. I talk to Tuesday over at Words of Wisdom...From the Scarf Princess.

In a few days I'll come back and use to choose two winner and then I'll contact them and....the villagers will rejoice! ;)

It's Mother's Day weekend. I hope you all have a brilliant time. Look for an upcoming book spotlight on my blog to show off a book I recently read that is the bomb. And utterly priceless if you have any interest in self publishing. Beyond that, bring on the cookouts and the vino and the presents! We're going to celebrate the fact that I am apparently one bad mutha. ;)

What's up with you this weekend? Kiss your mother!


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