Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reed Green, former TV star...

Blackberries, Pitts Lane - - 1492491 Is who we're chatting with today. A minor schedule change zings us over to the wonderful Lucy Felthouse's blog. There we chat with Reed, former TV star, current berry farmer about sexual pleasure, Port and his thoughts on Tuesday--the girl, not the day ;)

Hop over and say hi if you can. Remember you can comment on any (or all) of the character interviews and be eligible for a chance to win a signed paperback from my backlist or an ebook from my backlist.

Now I have some stir fry to whip up. And a shower to take. And a book to finish. I'm reading a doozie. It's been a long, long day, but the eye exam is out of the way and my coveted big black nerd glasses are in my near future. Woop!


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  1. That picture above, goodness, is it me or is hot in here?!?! Phew!
    Jen xx


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