Wednesday, May 9, 2012

stop 3...again

Blackberries, Pitts Lane - - 1492491No, you're not seeing double. Due to a snafu stop 3 of the RSBT went up late. So I'm back to post the link for stop three at Guilty Indulgence. I'll honor any comments at GI or at Lucy's blog. So no worries, win/win!

What's made my day is the lovely four chocolate dipped strawberry review at the bottom of stop three on GI. I think it might be Restless Spirit's first official review. Pretty nifty.

I also just realized today's post is about Reed, Allister Lake's resident berry farmer and there are...berries! in Guilty Indulgence's header. Must be Kismet.

See you tomorrow for stop four. Shepherd. Yurm...Shepherd *sigh*.


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