Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have trouble letting go...

Of things I love. I still have a flannel shirt procured in my early teens. I still wear the brass half moon earrings I bought my sophomore year of high school. I picked them up on clearance at Pier 1 of all places because it was right next to the bakery where I worked. And yes, up until now, I have still lovingly donned my super soft overwashed peace tie dye that I got the summer I turned fifteen (that would be 25 summers ago for those of you who are counting).

Why up until now? [cue the funeral music]. I think it's offiicially dead. The back has been a spiderweb of intricate holes--small to large--for years now. But the front...ah, the front is finally starting to bite it. There is absolutely no way to wear this shirt any more (for years it's been relegated to just pajama top paired with favorite pj bottoms) without my um...well, there is nip showing, let's just say that. Way too many peakboo holes to be worn around the house when random friends of the minions are popping by whenever they please.


Don't cry, though. I think I will now relegate it to: change into it to go to crawl into bed wear. And I'll wear it that way until, well, let's face it...that fricker falls off my body.


To the man: I know you are reading this. And I know you're laughing at me :P

p.s. I originally put 26 summers. Somehow now, I have decided to make myself a year old. Let's not rush it, shall we? 25 summers...25!


  1. I fucking love old t-shirts and am the same way... was recently told, in a kind of polite way, that it was very necessary for me to retire one of my fave tshirts.

    Holes in armpits. Holes at all hems. And yes, holes way too close to nips. I still love it though! Gah!

  2. I have that same problem. I have one Mickey sleep shirt that I got when I was ten. There are no holes - yet - but the material is so worn that even Mickey blushes when I put it on. Which is to say now, not that often at all.

    But yeah, I get ya.

  3. Right now, I'm wearing a threadbare Ween (the band) t-shirt that you can see my black bra through. It has iced tea and pasta sauce stains, but I can't stand the thought of getting rid of it. As long as it stays in one piece, I'm going to keep it. I bought it when I was 15 years old. I say keep the shirt. :)

  4. Fluffy has more than a few shirts that have huge gaping holes in them. And some of them don't cover nipples at all. They are very fun to play with but when they get enough holes to attract my attention, they die rather quickly. Though, her Lake Geneva and Minocqua shirts are the best.

    Happily, she did feature some of her thread-worn shirts in her second art show right before we moved from Illinois. Nothing like seeing a sexy woman spilling out of a worn shirt on a six foot picture. :)


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