Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meme: Lucky Seven

So Shanna Germain shot an arrow in my ass this morning with this thing. And here I am complying. Do you see me being a good girl? Do you!? ;)

Anyway, here are the rules:
The ‘rules’ are: Go to page 7 or 77 of your latest work. Read down to the seventh line and then post online the next seven lines or sentences. Then head off and tag seven more writers.

And here are 7 lines from page 77 of Restless Spirit, my latest erotic novel from Xcite. It was a better chunk than page 7, seeing as that bit didn't make much sense out of context.

‘Ah, you want to get off. What if I want to get off with you?’ he asked, pushing me back.
I ripped at the buttons of his jeans with shaking hands. ‘I think we both can get off.’
‘I think you need to lie down, Tues. Your poor ankle.’ He grinned at me and the Big Bad Wolf sprang to mind.
‘I think so.’

Now to spread the pain. I mean love! I tag:

Aisling Weaver, Blakely Chorpenning, BA Tortuga, Kat Black, Victoria Blisse, Julia Talbot and KD Grace. Tada!

p.s. I've seen this done with unpubbed messy work and/or your latest released work. I chose the latter. Cause...ya know...I am a masochist but not that much!

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