Friday, June 22, 2012

Sexy, sexy makeover...

My novella TASTE IT got one. Thank you Xcite for the new gorgeous cover. And thanks to you who are buying it. When I check it's not a wallflower at the dance. Which makes me happy since it's a story I fell in love with while writing it. I also sorta fell for Cole...don't tell the man. Well, you can tell the man, because some key points of Cole are based on the man. Yes, I am that lucky. ;)

Happy Friday. Round here, Friday means pizza night and pizza night means no cook night and no cook night means happy Sommer night! I love to cook, don't get me wrong, but by Friday, I'm ready for a break. And then this weekend. Crabs! Courtesy of a nice writing check. Woohoo! Good stuff :)

Have a lovely weekend.


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