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Sizzling Summer 2012: Smoking Hot Excerpt #4

Good morning, babies! Today our sizzling summer excerpt comes from Kenn Dahll another fellow eXcessican. Some M/M fun to heat up the end of the week. Go that way ~~~~~~~~> and enjoy!



Living in South Florida after years up north has been eye opening for me.  The bright colors of the flowers blooming year round, the fresh salt air, and the handsome men all tickle my fancy and stir up my creative juices.  Winter or Summer, Spring or Fall, it doesn’t matter as our seasons are based on whether or not the snow birds are in town.  The young men know no season.  Drive along the beach and you see them in their baggy shorts or, for the Canadians or Europeans, brief swimsuits. 
The ocean itself is also material for stories, it’s so powerful and beautiful at the same time.  A drive down the keys really stimulates the imagination as evidenced by the story I chose to excerpt today.  The trip to Lingnumvitae Key really happened.  I saw a large house on an island, which was connected to the larger island the highway was on by a private causeway, and my mind went into overdrive.  By the time I reached Key West the story was half written in my head.
Paradise Found is one third of a trilogy focused on the ocean and the hot men attracted to it for surfing, swimming, boating or for sex.  I look forward to your comments today.  I apologize that I can’t respond until 6:00 Eastern Time as I have a day job...

Blurb for Subtropical Trilogy:

Three short stories of sun, sea, sand, sex, and love comprise Subtropical Trilogy:

In South Sea Adventure a horny cruise ship passenger strays from the touristy pig roast on a tropical island, falls asleep under a sacred tree and encounters a sexy young native man. Upon returning to the village, he discovers the truth of his experience and its implications for himself and the encounter’s younger brother.

Trent is Not Looking for Sex as he drives home from a session watching the young surfers on Palm Beach. His route is blocked by a raised drawbridge. Waiting in his convertible for the bridge to descend, he converses with a lone surfer hiking back to the mainland. An offer of assistance turns into a lot more when the duo ends up in Trent’s bedroom.

I made a spontaneous decision and bought a small island in the Florida Keys that I named Paradise Island. After selling my home and buying a houseboat, the island became my weekend haven to paint, relax, and get away from the wild Miami Beach scene. When two cute, young porn stars intrude on the seclusion my private key becomes Paradise Found.

Warnings: This title contains M/M sex both oral and anal.

Here's an excerpt from Paradise Found:
     Yesterday my tranquility was threatened.  Sprawled out on the hammock watching a flick and stroking my hard nine inch shaft, I was building up the delicious tension in my balls until my favorite money scene in the twink film, hoping to time my own orgasm to those of the two beautiful teen actors – blond Trevor and brunette Cody.  Meanwhile I matched the dark-haired boy’s fuck rhythm stroke for stroke as he hammered the blonde’s bubble butt.  Trevor, on his back, was frigging his nine inch, fat, uncut and upright member at the same speed.  I knew from prior viewings that I could shoot between the moment Cody pulls out and covers Trevor’s cock with loads of warm jizz from his even longer and fatter, uncut, cock, and the moment when, using his partner’s cum as added lubricant, the blonde would blast multiple volleys onto his own chest before mixing the sticky mess together, scooping it up and sucking it off his palm.  I usually slurp down my own spooge at the same time.

     Five minutes before the climactic moment, I heard the drone of an outboard motor in the distance.  I paused the video and listened for the sound to get louder then recede as the boat’s occupants decide Paradise Island was too inhospitable for even a water’s edge picnic.  The sound ceased abruptly and I knew intruders were coming ashore.  I switched to another monitor to view the four cameras I had set up at the few places even a small dinghy could land.  Sure enough, something was half aground on the rocky beach at an area on the eastern side of the island, farthest from the main highway.

     As I watched the monitor I almost fell out of the hammock.  Two twinks, one dark-haired and one blond, clones of Cody and Trevor, and dressed only in board shortsthose wonderfully flimsy, baggy low slung shorts favored by surfers–unloaded a picnic basket and cooler from the small boat.
I hightailed it along the fifty-yard path I’d cleared towards their landing spot.  As I got close, I slowed down and very quietly approached a large banyan tree which shielded the path, and my thatched retreat, from the view of anyone approaching from the ocean.  Once ashore, the eighteen or nineteen year old twinks set their belongings down, turned to face each other, then embraced and kissed passionately.  Two pairs of hands explored two bare backs and dipped into the loose waistbands of the board shorts as the teens French kissed.

     The Trevor clone broke the embrace and spread a blanket on a grassy patch near the banyan.  The twinks then dropped their shorts and lay down on the blanket.  Both had slender waists and near hairless bodies–a fact emphasized by their shaved groins.  They obviously worked out as their chests, arms and legs were nicely muscled.  The blond had a silver post in his tongue and a pierced left eyebrow.  A small butterfly tattoo in rainbow colors decorated his pelvis, situated to the right of his erect dick.  Both twinks sported at least nine inch, uncut cocks; but the brunette’s tube sock was a lot longer and crowned a much fatter shaft with a swollen knob.

     The blond started the action, going down on his partner’s fat shaft, licking and chewing on the excess skin.  The brunette held the other teen’s head down until all of his cock was in the blonde’s mouth.  “Fuck yes Steve!  Take it all! Suck my fat cock, I know you love it!”  I had to get closer to see the deep-throating action so I crept up to the tree trunk and peered around it.  The two were so absorbed in each other they didn’t see me.  “I’m too close, stop!” The brunette insisted.  ‘Let me suck your beautiful dick.”

     “Sure!  Go for it!” the blond said as he pulled off the other twink’s fat dick and held out his hard stalk, pointing it at his friend’s face.  The dark-haired teen ignored the proffered prick instead sucking both of the blonde’s balls into his mouth at the same time.  “Suck those balls, baby!  Damn what a hot mouth!”  The boy’s shaft, sticking straight up in the other’s face, was dripping with precum as his eggs were worked on.  The brunette’s cheeks bulged as he rolled the testicles around with his tongue. “Suck my cock, now, Johnny!  Please!”  The blond begged, squirming as more pressure was applied to his tender orbs.  I reached down and frigged my dick, which was hard and slick from the hot scene unfolding just a few feet away from me.

     Just as the Cody doppelganger was sliding his mouth down the other twink’s dick, an iguana jumped onto a branch near my head and I emitted a startled gasp.  “What was that?” the blond asked looking around.  “I dunno, probably just an animal,” the brunette replied.

     “No, it sounded like a person.  We should check it out.  We’re pretty vulnerable, naked like we are.”  At the blonde’s insistence they pulled on their shorts to take a look.  That was my signal to leave.  I ran along a smaller trail, parallel to the coast and perpendicular to the path leading to the raised platform.  They spied me and took off after me.  At twenty-five I was no match for the teens and they quickly caught up with me, grabbing me by the arms.

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About the Author:

Kenn is a sixty something gay man living in the gay Mecca that is Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  More than twenty years ago he submitted a short story to a magazine contest and won a year's subscription.  Since then he has written many stories, none of which he submitted for publication until recently.  He is thrilled to have many stories published in as well as in three Alyson Books anthologies: Island Boys published August 2008 and Best Gay Love Stories 2009 and 2010 published November 2008 and 2009.  His latest book is Naughtical Buoys published on Smashwords 12/3/11.

Generally, he says he sees a hot male and constructs a fantasy story around him.  Sometime, a situation inspires him and a story will take shape in his mind, which is then populated from his imagination.  Kenn frequently incorporates the sights, sounds, and smells of South Florida in his stories.  As a bureaucrat in local government, Kenn claims to find few outlets outside of porn fiction for his innate creativity and is pleased others are interested in reading what he writes.

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