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Sizzling Summer 2012: Smoking Hot Excerpt #5

From Berengaria Brown! She's never been here so welcome, Berengaria! Tada...hot, hot, hot. I am still getting used to my summer schedule folks so do bear with me. But since it's so hot maybe I should say...bare with me? ;)

Off we go~~~~>


One year I vacationed in Hawaii. It was awesome. Hot, hot sun. Sand. Surf. Yummy, half-naked men everywhere. People walking along the sidewalk just in swimwear with no shirts. Bright blue skies and the sea to cool off in after watching too many hot men walking around.
My idea of heaven would be lying on the beach there, with a good book, some chocolate in the cooler, a long cold drink in my hand, and many, many half-naked men around for me to watch. I don’t like winter. Snow is too cold, and shoveling the walk is not fun after a day at work. Spring and fall are both pretty times of year, but my first love is summer.

I love the long days, sitting on a lawn chair outside in the evenings, watching the sun set, the bright colors of the trees and flowers, and also the beach.

Some of my books are set at the beach, and I suppose this is because to me it implies freedom, and relaxation, and time to build relationships. I also have a book where the threesome goes hiking in the national park in summer. I love the scenery in many of our national parks, and I love hiking, but not as much as I love the beach.

But not everyone can take vacation time in summer. Not everyone works in an air conditioned office. Not everyone even has an air conditioner at their home.

“Turning Up the Heat” is not a beach story. Tilly is stuck in the city in the hottest summer she can ever remember, trying to find a job. And the home she shares with Noah and Sylvester only has air conditioning in their bedroom.

The hot summer is an integral part of this story, and leads into the problem Tilly, Noah, and Sylvester have to solve.

Blurb for “Turning Up the Heat”:

Tilly lost her job thanks to the Global Financial Crisis. Running out of money, she agrees to move in with Noah and Sylvester as a kind of housekeeper, for free board and lodging. Also free sex. It’s a mighty hot summer, but what happens in their air-conditioned bedroom is way hotter than the temperatures outside. Together the three explore the boundaries of ménage sex.

But Tilly still has no job, no money, and worries what will happen to her once the men get tired of playing house.

WARNING MMF ADULT EXCERPT from “Turning Up the Heat”

“You’re smart. Chock full of good ideas,” said Sylvester, tugging on her arm and pulling her over to his chair.

He grabbed her hips and settled her on his lap facing him, then slid a hand down inside her shorts to hold her ass. He pressed his cock up into her soft core, so she could feel the jewelry on his Prince Albert piercing through their thin clothing.

Teasing him in return, she wiggled her damp cunt over his cock, expecting he would feel her heat and wetness. A gasp of breath from him indicated he did indeed.

Then Noah was standing beside them both, his cock in his hand. “Suck me while you fuck her,” he ordered.

“Out here? What if someone sees us?” asked Tilly.

“Who could see anything? We’re in deep shade here and no one’s house overlooks this part of the yard anyway,” replied Noah, shuffling up close to them both so his cock was level with Sylvester’s mouth.

“Let’s get your clothes off,” said Sylvester, tugging at her shorts. Tilly didn’t have a lot of clothes left anymore and didn’t want them ripped. She climbed off his lap and stripped, then watched as he pulled a condom out of his wallet and rolled it over his cock.

She never tired of looking at their cocks. Sylvester’s brown and broad, Noah’s lighter in color and so very long. Both of them beautiful.

“Climb aboard, baby,” urged Sylvester.

Tilly straddled him and lowered herself over his cock. Sylvester kept his hand on it as she sank over him, absorbing his length inside her. She loved the way he stretched and filled her.

As their bodies joined, he stroked his fingers over her clit. She shivered in delight and felt dampness seep from her pussy, wetting his hand. He lifted his fingers to his lips, his gaze fixed on hers as he licked each finger.

“Delicious,” he said.

Then he gripped her hips firmly and used his thigh muscles to ram up hard inside her. With that one stroke he filled and stretched her completely, touching every inch of her delicate walls and setting every nerve ending on fire.

Noah held his cock at Sylvester’s lips and Sylvester sucked him inside. Tilly’s eyes nearly crossed as she watched inch after inch disappearing down Sylvester’s throat. When she saw him swallow Noah, her groan was even louder than Noah’s.

“Whoa, that’s hot,” she whispered, licking her lips and shaking her head to clear the fog of lust from her brain.

“Damn straight. But watching him fuck you is pretty hot too,” replied Noah in a breathy tone.

Sylvester let Noah slide out of his mouth and sucked the head of his lover’s cock like a lollipop as he drove up and into Tilly over and over again. Then he pressed hard on Tilly’s clit as he tilted his head back and sucked Noah deep again. Once more she and Noah groaned together, and Tilly swiveled her hips around, loving the feeling of Sylvester’s jewelry dancing on her inner walls.

About the Author:

Berengaria is a multi-published author of erotic romance: contemporary, paranormal (ghosts, vampires, fairies, dragons, and werewolves), futuristic, medieval, and Regency-set historical. She loves to read all different kinds of romance so that is what she writes: one man/one woman; two women; two men; two men/one woman; three men, two women/one man, three men/one woman…. Whatever the characters need for their very hot happily-ever-after, Berengaria makes sure they get it.


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