Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something hot and tasty...

Oh good! I'm starved. ;)

Actually, what I mean is I'm visiting over at KD Grace's blog talking about my novella TASTE IT which is part of The Game, one of The Secret Library books just put out by Xcite. What does my tasty novella entail? Why reality TV and hot chefs and oodles of spicy encounters of course!

Cole is one yummy morsel, I must say, and Jill is one lucky girl...with extremely good taste.

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The Book Depository

Oh, speaking of good taste--comes the ham handed segue--if you like FREE THINGS you can still scroll down and comment on your best beach kiss for a chance to win my novel from the way-back machine DOUBLE BOOKED.

Now back to my regularly scheduled choas. I finished my shifter novel this morning and started some editing and turned in two short-shorts and gasp!...that was all before 11 a.m. Hope your day is absolutely yummy!


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