Friday, June 1, 2012

Taking the weekend...

off. Maybe even Monday. Radio silence on the blog. So!...Have a super weekend. If you need a hot steamy read for the weekend, might I recommend one of the novellas listed below. A full length novella for 99 cents! How can you go wrong?

Answer: You can't!

As for the pic, I just left this place (in my mind). My m/m shifter book is rocketing down the highway toward its destination. Small towns, lakes, road trips, fresh starts, these are the things I keep revisiting in my books. I think it means the old wanderer/traveler part of me is restless. Might have to do some good daycations this summer. See some stuff, smell some strange air, stop at a gas station for a snack and to stretch my legs. Ya know, roam.

See you on the flip side! ;)


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