Sunday, June 24, 2012

Double Booked

I've joined Victoria Blisse's Blisse Kiss this time around. Woohoo. This kiss scene is from an oldie but a goodie. My very first book with eXcessica was Double Booked. Set at a beach house, Double Booked is a story of escape, surrender and tons of hot sex. And as usual, for me, some self discovery in the mix. It seems like forever ago that I wrote it and when I was searching out this snippet, I can see differences in my writing in just a few years. In my humble opinion, it's still hot, though. Maybe hotter for having sat alone and neglected by yours truly for ages and ages. ;)

In honor of Miss Blisse's Blisse Kiss extravaganza, and my first Blisse Kiss ever, I have a copy of Double Booked to give away to a commenter. Tell me about your best kiss at the beach. (If you already have Double Booked you may choose a book from my back list, 2011 or older). Contest will end June 30th and I'll contact a winner so please make sure to leave a valid email address for me.

Kiss excerpt from Double Booked:

  “Let me see you, then,” he growled. It was soft but forceful. And I jumped just a little I had been so entranced.
            “I…” What? Didn’t want to? Wanted to? Was embarrassed? I didn’t know. The words died on my lips.
            “Come on. You want to. You’re trembling. You’re flushed. And I know there’s no way in hell you’d let me fuck you…yet.”
            I swallowed hard and brushed my sweaty blond hair out of my face. He didn’t wait for an answer. He came forward, lifted me up by the hips and planted me on the counter. My ass connected with the Formica with a dull bump. He hiked my nightie up and crushed it around my hips. A pale blue, fabric tutu. With his big hands he forced my thighs wide and when I gasped, his eyes met mine and he smiled.
            “I won’t touch,” he said. But his eyes ate me alive. I felt them as if they were fingers, roving over the swollen flesh of my nether lips, peeking deliberately at the forceful, curious nub of my clit. He grabbed his cock firmly again with his fist and began to stroke. Letting his eyes touch me where his hands would not. He was close enough that I could feel heat radiating off of him like a stone that had been baking in the sun. Not close enough to touch, though. Or spook me.
            I gave in to what I wanted and licked my finger. I started circling my clit in time with his stroking.
            “Ah, that’s right. Just like that. Keep time with me. You’re so wet.” His voice was hoarse and his eyes were still hungry. They stayed glued to my cunt, only breaking to dart up to meet mine. His eyes were the same color as moss that grows in the shade. “I want you to come with me, Blyth. Can you do that?”
            Though I wondered where my sanity had suddenly gone. And I wondered why I was masturbating on a kitchen counter in front of a virtual stranger, I nodded. I nodded because I knew I could. And I wanted to. And I would.
            I was vaguely aware when my other hand joined the fray. I let my finger slide into my cunt. Wet and warm and twitching I was so close. I kept my eyes locked on his fist and his cock. The jut of his slender hips. The way his thighs flexed and relaxed the closer he got. His cock, now a deep purple shade, was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. I had never really paid attention to all the subtle changes. Now I did. The deepening color, the veins standing out. The contrast of his tan hand on the flesh of his dick. I watched him cup his balls and heard his breath rasp in and out of him like it was difficult for him to breathe.
            Without thinking, I added another finger to the first. I circled my clit with my fingers. Working it hard and fast the way I liked it. Tight circles with lots of pressure. I flexed my fingers deep in my pussy, seeking and finding the hard spongy G-spot, so swollen from watching him. I stroked it perfectly, timing my orgasm to the one Anthony was about to have.
            “Almost there, babe,” he growled and planted his free hand a bare inch from my thigh on the counter. His eyes mere slits, his jaw taut, he watched my hand. When his body bowed and he let out a long groan, I pushed firmly against my G-spot and let go. Let my body trip over that line.
            “Now, Blyth,” he said and his come shot out. Warm sprays of rich cream on my thighs. On the counter. I came with him, his semen so hot it felt like it would burn me. My cunt clutched around my fingers as I gave my own sounds of pleasure up to the silent kitchen.
            A few moments of silence and I lowered my nightgown. My face was hot, my heart thudding almost painfully.
            “Wow,” he said. His eyes now staring directly into mine.
            I nodded and laughed softly. “Yeah, wow.”
            Then he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. Almost a brotherly kiss. Not the kind of kiss one would expect from a man who had just watched you finger fuck yourself. Or a man who had just jacked off in front of you.
            I wanted to grab him and kiss him. It dawned on me that I had never seen a man do that before. Not to conclusion. Unless you count porn movies. There was something extremely trusting in the act. I wanted to say that but kept my mouth shut.
            “That’s about all you can handle right now,” he said and brushed my hair across my forehead. “But I’ll be back. And you won’t get away with just masturbation.”
            “Is that a threat?” I laughed as he started to walk to his bedroom. My pathetic attempt at a joke.
            “Nah. It’s a promise.” He grinned at me and started to shut the door. Then he paused, “And Blyth…”
            “You need a shower. You smell like sex, darling.”


  1. OMG! Love it - but where's the fan and the iced water - that's hot, hot, hot :-)

    Welcome to the world of Blisse Kiss - hope you'll come and play with us again soon, Sommer.

    Lily x

  2. Thanks, Lily. It was quite a buncho of hoopla on my end getting there. LOL. But I managed ;)

    p.s. I should say *my* best beach kiss was on our (very) delayed honeymoon. Our son was 1, we snuck off for a week together and were trying for baby #2. Many, many, many good kisses that week, among other things :D

  3. Oh, fabulous bit of sharing :-) Did you get baby number 2?

    I just read The Highest Bidder by the way, completely loved it. A one sitting read :-)

    L x

  4. Why yes we did. She just graduated the 8th grade a few weeks ago :)

    Thank you (re: THB)! I am so far behind in my reading. I have my copies over my desk. Every so often, I pick them up and pet them!


  5. Ah bless - how old is 8th grade?

    I know what you mean about getting behind with reading. I can't read when I am in the middle of writing something. I get cross that I didn't think of that line if its brilliant or I worry I'll pick up something crap if it isn't LOL

    Biting my nails at the moment with a glass of wine and a box of chocs - England footy team are playing Italy and its tense stuff. Mr H keep jumping up and down on the sofa and the dog is wondering what the hell is going on!

    L x

  6. 8th is 13/14 depending on the kid. Off to high school now.

    My dog rarely pays attention. Even if there's screaming and yelling. But he will bark at a bumble bee three miles off or a stranger who dares walk down our street. Beyond that, he's only interested if there's meat. ;)

  7. The teenage years are well and truly upon you then - fun :-)

    Just given the dog the dinner leftovers - she's going to sleep now and I am opening a box of chocs with my name on them!


  8. Hot stuff Sommer! But then again, everything of yours always is.

    Sadly, I've never been kissed on a beach - anywhere. :(

    But I live vicariously through those who have.

  9. I love kissing on the beach. Most memorable? The first time hubby and I kissed on the beach at Scarborough and I knew he loved the place as much as me so we'd go back time and time again. :)

  10. Haven't had a beach kiss yet. But the summer is still young, sigh...


  11. Barefoot dancing in the sand on a Hawaiian beach outside this little club that Jimmy Buffet decided to drop in at. The place was so packed you couldn't get in the door. So we danced barefoot in the sand to the live piped music from Buffet and the Coral Reefers. It was as if time stopped, and we were suspended between the crashing surf and the brilliant stars. It was also our 10th wedding anniversary, and the sweetest kiss that lasted an eternity in one fractured moment of nirvana. Then Buffet played "Let's get Drunk and Screw and we did just that. (At home, of course!)

  12. What a great excerpt from an old book!! I will definitely have to look that one up!! That was a hot scene and they didn't even touch! I actually had a hot sex scene myself when we were married about 3 yrs and were in Cabo San Lucas It was great in the surf but sand can be hell!! I do love making out on the beach though. We are going to Hawaii in Oct for our 20th anniversary so we will see then!!!!
    Thanks, Linda

  13. Oh my! That was so hot!! Im yearning for more! They are hot together! And thats without touching. They must burn up the pages when they really get started! ;) Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

  14. The random number generater picked Linda! Linda, you didn't leave me an email (someone needs a spannnnnnnking) so I'll give you 48 hours to email me at and tell me where to send your book. If I don't hear, I'll pick my back up winner.

    thanks for commenting all! :)


  15. Sadly, I too have never been kissed at the beach. I live in a land-locked state so a swimming pool is as close as we get to water. A girl can, and does, dream though. Thanks for the giveaway.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com


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