Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A hefty and a freebie...

Yay! look at all the angles, baby! Guess what came yesterday? Did you guess the awesome, quite hefty, compilation of my Zombie Exterminators from Resplendence Publishing? You did? You. Are. A. Genius! I must say, it's my weightiest book--beat only by Wanderlust, which might not even be true. I'll have to use my new scale to weigh them ;) The exciting part is the book contains We Kill Dead Things, No Guilt and Lunatic Fringe all in one volume. One stop shopping with a smoking good cover.Just holding it makes me want to get cracking on #4 and ironically, I had a pretty good idea for that book the other day.

Now on to the freebie...
Right now, as we speak, right. This. Moment (gasp): The Highest Bidder, my second novella in the Secret Library is availalble on Kindle for free! Don't have a Kindle? Amazon offers Kindle for PC, you just follow the directions and boom, book on your 'puter. Awesome.

Get it for free in the US:
Get it for free in the UK:

If you like it, please take a second to click LIKE, tag it if you are into that kind of thing, and even drop me a review. It would be much appreciated by yours truly. The girl who thinks she might need more coffee. All these exclamation points have tuckered me out. Have a lovely day!


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