Saturday, July 7, 2012

And in recent news...

So far behind, but in recent news:

I appear in the revamped Threeway edited by the lovely Alison Tyler. I'm smushed right up against Sophia Valenti (such a nice place to be) who also has a new story in the remix and Shanna Germain who wrote the new intro.I am so stoked to be in this book that I 'missed' back in the day when I was a brand-spanking-new dirty writer!

Speaking of Shanna Germain, lil ole me kicks off her new bondage book Bound by Lust with my story Reclaiming Spring. The book is chock full of kick ass authors, so if you're into a little bondage and really good writing, check it out.

Speaking of really good writing...;) I'm also in Sacchi Green's latest lesbian anthology Girl Fever. I have two super shorts in that one and again, I am just rolling around in a big pile of good writers. Go check it out if you're looking to make this blistering summer hotter.

Final note of interest, I woke to a very nice mention by Violet Blue in her Kink Your Kindle spotlight over on Tiny Nibbles. I am again smushed against some very lovely writers, NT Morley, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Alison Tyler and Miss Blue herself with my new erotic romance novella Taste It. Awesomesauce.

Now off to a party shortly. An outside party. And it's only oh...104 degrees. Hot? What hot? [help...I'm mellllllllting....]



  1. I am posting this for Alison Tyler as blogger seems to have decided she is too hot to publish her comments. Muy caliente!! (did I spell that right?):

    I'm so glad that you're in the reboot of Three Way! And I think I'm 69-ing you in Bound by Lust (my foreword is licking your story). Love when we get to meet in books. Hopefully, we'll get to meet in real life someday.


  2. I love "Reclaiming Spring." Told you that already. XO


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