Sunday, July 29, 2012

Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue...

This, this, this is stuck in my head and it perfectly correlates with the book I am working on. Not the one I'm synopsizing (I am still not sure if this is a real word or just one of my favorite made up words) or the one I'm proofing. Or the ones I'm plotting. But the one I was meh--sorta writing--but now am BAM! WRITING! <~~~neon. And since I have not done follow up books to an original novel since either Big Bad or We Kill Dead Things (I'll have to check those dates) I am excited about writing a book number two that includes characters from a book number one.

Did that make sense? No? Sorry.

Anyway, not too much coffee. I had only one cup. But I did sleep late and recharge my battery, I did get fed a nice breakfast by the man, I did finally get to take his royal fatness for a walk and I did write 1,300 surprise words in the book that's got me singing New Order so...must just be in a good mood.

Speaking of a good mood, I also got a notification that Angry Sex rec'd a 4 star rating from TwoLips Reviews. Yay for that! I did not actually read the review (per my boycott on such things because I tend to find something...anything to worry about) as much as skim it, so...hope it's good. :)

p.s. There seems to be a big debate online about the opening line to Bizarre Love Triangle. I always thought that my blog title was the opening line. Others seem to think it's 'Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bow of gloom". Anyone own the album with lyrics?


  1. Sadly, at the time I was a lowly manager in a retail Record Store and did not actually "purchase" LP's, but relied on promotional copies to get me through the day. Hence, the copy I own does not contain lyrics. A quick browse at however confirms you are correct. The word "gloom" never makes an appearance. Now; back to my marinated beef heart....

  2. Thank you, anonymous. I will eat it if you sautee it and thank you for breakfast. I love you ;)

  3. See? You post the *best* 80s music. And you (and Anonymous) are correct about the lyrics: bolt of blue.

  4. This is one of my favorite New Order songs! What am I saying!?!?! ALL New Order songs are my favorite New Order songs! Joy Division included. Love 'em. fun post :)

  5. I appreciate you appreciating my 80s musical taste, CJ. LOL! It was down to that song and another stuck in my head. I'll have to post the other this coming weekend ;)

    Rose, it is hard to choose one NO song, isn't it? You think you have a fave and then you hear a different one and change your mind. The man was/is a mad, mad JD fan. He has an original tee from back in the day that was passed down to boy child. Who clearly does not understand what a gem he has ;)


  6. NO kidding! I would KILL for that shirt. Tell that boy, he'd better recognize... Please tweet!


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