Monday, July 16, 2012

Final steam of the Sizzling Summer 2012 series brought to you by...

Moi! A little snippet from one of the (very!) few things I've ever written set in the summer. A sexy nibble from my novel Angry Sex.

Thanks to all the authors who came and played along to make the summer even hotter. As if it needed help on that front, right? Eesh. Happy Monday!


Excerpt from Angry Sex:

His hands were big. Bigger than they looked at a glance and even as her mind screamed at her to stop—back up—move away!—Luna threw herself into the kiss like a drowning woman grabbing a life preserver. His hands clamped down on her hips, hers found his shoulders and she squeezed. Adam grunted once, the rumble working through her lips and down her neck. She shuddered and the fingers gripping her dug deeper.
His tongue slid teasingly over hers until he made another sound--half sigh, half laugh, and his hand came up to cup the back of her head. The other pressed firmly at the small of her back, effectively pinning her to him from head to groin.
Luna took his kiss and gave as good as she got, putting all of her frustration and need and fury into that kiss until she felt like there wasn’t enough air in the world to keep her from fainting.
Adam stepped-stepped-turned and shoved her roughly against the stone wall. All of her was caged in and the secret thrill of that skittered through her from chest to cunt. She gasped, seeking that air she needed so badly.
“I should stop.” His mouth came down on her cheek, slid to her throat, worked down to her pulse and he licked that thumping skin with the hot tip of his tongue.
A sympathetic beat of arousal filled her pussy, echoed through her belly and her breasts.
“You should.” Her hands roamed the stone slab of his chest, the flat plane of his belly and then her fingertips toured the silver buckle of his black belt.
Her phone buzzed. She ignored it.
No, no, no! He’s an employee. And Lord, you just met him…And yet she wanted to go lower. Wanted to work that buckle and explore his button and pull down his zipper and find…the perfect hard heat of him beneath it all. She could imagine how good his warm length would feel in the palm of her hand. And then…in her.
A shuddery sigh slipped out of her as Adam kissed over her collar bone and he inhaled deeply, sounding very much like a man trying to find control.
Her phone buzzed again. She wanted to ignore it, but knew damn well it would be Savannah wanting to know if she’d died or run off.
“We need to go in,” she groaned.
“We do.”
His lips were insistent and seeking again, pressing to hers, forcing her to part her lips with his tongue, so he could kiss her roughly.
Luna stiff armed him, a confused and urgent laugh flying out of her. “Now. We have to go in now.”
Again her phone buzzed.
“We do. But boss lady?” He was already in motion, moving up the ramp.
“Yeah?” She practically had to call out as she scurried after him, heading for the door to go back inside.
“I’m not done with you.” And then he was gone and Luna was left with anticipatory shiver. And hard nipples.
* * * * *
“Is it that hot out there?” Savannah asked, filling a tray with champagne flutes and pouring so that each was three quarters full.
Luna mimicked her by filling a tray with sunny orange plastic flutes bought for Alice’s ‘kick off to summer’ spur of the moment get together. “Nope. It’s actually cooled off. Why?”
It didn’t escape her notice, as she poured, that her hand was shaking. Her heart was jittery too. Adam was not what she wanted on her radar at the moment—in fact, no man was what she wanted on her radar. But there he was anyway. Sandy hair, dark blue eyes and very strong hands. Very strong hands.
“Because you are blushing like a whore in church!” Savannah failed to repress a giddy chuckle.
“It’s sweating,” Luna hissed, irrationally angry but also sorta kinda amused. “Sweating like a whore in church. Not blushing.”
“Well, whore or not, you are blushing like a bad, bad girl. What’d you do out there? Did you find a nook or cranny and make out like teenagers? Smoke a stolen cigarette? Or…worse?”
Savannah turned and squared off with Luna. Luna was having a hard time looking directly at her friend. Savannah stood almost eight inches shorter than Luna, a mere five foot two to Luna’s lanky five foot ten. But she seemed bigger when she was aggressive. Savannah’s flaming red hair and intense brown eyes didn’t help matters. Sometimes when she stared Luna down, Luna felt like confessing every sin she’d ever committed.
“You did something. One of those. Now spill.”
“He kissed me. There. Are you happy? Now let’s—“
“No, the question is are you happy?” Savannah put her hands on her hips, tapping her foot, waiting. Despite the bustle of servers in and out of the kitchen and the hushed din of the party outside the doors.
“We’re going to have problems if we don’t—“
“Answer!” Savannah commanded.
When a startled server looked her way she said sweetly, “Claire can you take these out please?”
“Sure thing, Savannah.” The girl took the tray and hurried off. “I’ll be back for yours,” she said over her shoulder to a grimacing Luna.
“No. I am not happy. It was a dumb mistake. No big deal.” She shrugged even though she felt her face growing hotter and hotter as her friend eyed her up.
“Liar,” Savannah sighed and started to pour another tray of flutes.

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