Sunday, July 22, 2012

I want more!

Sorry, seems I woke with Sisters of Mercy in my head and I can hear that growling croon. I could try to recreate it for you (and your ears would bleed or...), here, see for yourself:

Speaking of more, I have more! As in more good news. More good news #1 is that Open is out and about and ready for purchase. Five filthy erotic bisexual stories, yes please :) Here's who you'll find tucked inside that awesome Riendo cover.

Tenille Brown
Sommer Marsden
Alison Tyler
Sophia Valenti
Saskia Walker

And more good news #2 is I am going to be in the upcoming book Captivated from HarperCollins Mischief line. Very sexy cover yes? To paraphrase my wonderful fellow Captivated author Justine Elyot, "release is imminent!". If' I'm not mistaken the book is available for purchase on July 26th.

Authors include: Lolita Lopez, Sommer Marsden, Charlotte Stein, Valerie Grey, Elizabeth Coldwell, Kyoko Church, Heather Towne, Lisette Ashton and Aishling Morgan.



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