Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've always wanted to be in pictures...

Okay, so that's a total lie. One time, when I worked a 9-5 desk job, I was asked to be in a training video. Six hours later and seven thousand takes of me either dissolving into uncontrollable laughter or worse, when they tried to shoot from behind me, the sight of my shoulders shaking with barely repressed hysteria...they gave up. I am not an 'on film' kind of girl. Or even much of a picture girl. But I do love when there are pictures to go with my dirty stories!

I've been lucky enough to have my work illustrated twice. Once for a story called Ego Restriction in Forum UK and once for a story called A Secret King in Penthouse. Now there will be illustrations inside the anthology above which includes my story Sugarshuttle Express.

Here's the scoop!

Naked Delirium
An illustrated anthology of sex in altered states.

Kristina Wright
Sommer Marsden
Vanessa de Sade
Velvet Tripp

Giorgio Verona

Coming soon! soon! More info can be found at the Sweetmeats site.


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