Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mark the date...

In red. Or pink.

Because it tickles me pink (like my new cover design) that for some odd reason one of my most beloved novels, Calendar Girl, is ranking for several days in a row now (right now 96, yesterday as high as 27!) on Amazon UK in the category:

Books > Calendars, Diaries, Annuals & More > Calendars

Heh. So if you like lots of sex, a different guy every month, humor, outrageous drag queens, dare I say it...hijinx and yes, mushed in there with all of it...a love story, Calendar Girl might just be the book for you. I say skip penciling me in, be bold, write me in pen!

Happy Saturday. I'm off to be a total lazypants and I'm okay with that.

Or find it on Amazon US

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