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Sizzling Summer 2012: Smoking Hot Excerpt #7 [and Giveaway]

After a bizarro weather event here over the weekend and a hell of a heatwave (while so many folks had no power, sadly), we are at a balmy high 90's today. Perfect day to get back on track with my smoking hot summer excerpts. Today's sizzle is brought to you by Terese Noelle Roberts. Read all the way to the bottom to make sure you see the giveaway listed :)

Happy Tuesday and I hope you're cool wherever you are!

p.s. forgive any wonky formatting. I could not get it to behave today. It was leave it be or throw the laptop into the shower while the water was running. 


As a gardener, I adore summer: dirt under my fingernails, flowers adding color and fragrance to the mornings, fresh, crisp lettuce, sweet peas, and later in the season, lush, ripe tomatoes. But summer is also a fraught time for the avid gardener. Will the weather cooperate? Will it be too warm or too cold? Will it rain too much, or not enough, to yield a good harvest?
I have it easy. If my vegetable garden fails to do well, I can turn to the farmers’ market, or head to the grocery to get produce from another part of the world where the weather was more cooperative. Still, I fret over prolonged dry spells that threaten to shrivel my tomatoes, and wring my hands just as much when it rains seemingly for weeks on end and the only “crop” that thrives are toadstools. How much more subsistence farmers must worry about the weather! If their crops fail, they don’t eat. It’s no wonder that many cultures developed elaborate rituals in attempts to placate the gods and convince them to deliver good weather and a healthy harvest. My fantasy erotic romance, Rain at Midsummer (Seasons of Sorania, Book 2), is set in an imaginary world loosely inspired by the ancient Near East and Roman Empire. The harvest is all important. And sex-magic ensures the harvest. Enjou a sexy excerpt below—and comment for a chance to win a copy of the book!

An escaped slave daunted by freedom. A nobleman fighting his destined birthright. Their love defies logic, but when the spirits of the land speak, you’d better listen.

Nikos curses the day his brother died and left him as Lord of Thermanae. What’s an educated man to do in a place so backward his tenants expect the Lord and Lady of the estate to bring rain through sex-magic? Jaenna, a runaway Kulchu slave, curses the fate that forced her to flee a murderous master to the neighboring Soranian Empire. Freedom means frightening choices for a woman whose entire life has been spent serving men’s sexual whims, and she can’t communicate with the spirits of the land enough to work the healing magic that might earn her a respectable place here.
The forbidden desire that burns between Nikos and Jaenna could save them both, if they see beyond what they think they know. But it takes desperate need—and advice from a madwoman who may be crazy like a fox—for Nikos to see that magic isn’t merely a metaphor and Jaenna to learn that love is the most powerful magic of all.

Excerpt—a little taste of sex-magic in summer:

Even before the sun rose, it was hot. But as the sky began to lighten and streak coral and rose, Jaenna shivered.

This was not a day for rain. And she and Nikos were naked in a fallow field with all the adults of the villa, and many from the surrounding villages circled around them, also naked, praying for them to pull rain from a clear sky.


And even armed with memories of waking up in Nikos’ arms, his hard cock jutting against her bottom, tempting them both almost unbearably, tension made her as dry as the earth.

It wasn’t the first time she’d lain with a man in front of witnesses. Kulchu warriors reveled in their sexual prowess and liked to show off for one another. But it was the first time the stakes had been so high.
Nikos squeezed her hand and whispered, “Relax. You’ll forget they’re there soon enough--at least if I do my job right.”
She’d been too nervous to look at him since they’d disrobed in the first rays of the rising sun, but now she ventured a glance. 

He was half-hard, a few strokes and caresses away from erection, and in the dim, rosy light, his body looked supernaturally perfect, some young god or seductive djinni.

Maybe it would be all right.

The priest and priestess began to chant. Nikos had already warned her that the prayers were in an archaic form of his language, one he knew only by rote himself, so she closed her eyes, centered herself, and focused on the tone and rhythm.

Which was, no doubt about it, erotic. The priest’s rich deep voice and the priestess’s lighter one started in a call and response that suggested seduction, then wove together to a whole. Even picking out only a few words here and there, Jaenna could sense the intent, could tell when the chant shifted from actual words to ecstatic sounds.
And around them, other ecstatic noises began to fill the air: soft kisses, small slurping and licking noises, moans, gasping breaths.

Jaenna opened her eyes to find that most of the onlookers had paired up (or more than pairs, in some cases). Everywhere people were kissing and caressing and arousing one another. Dela and Anat were already on a blanket on the ground, heads between each other’s legs; it looked as though they might have gotten a head start from sheer joy that Dela was not only alive, but well enough to take part in the festival. A young woman with long blonde braids was kneeling in front of an even younger-looking dark boy, his cock in her mouth. 

Jaenna couldn’t see her face, but his looked as excited and astonished as if their Lady Sun had descended from the heavens to seduce him. Jaenna guessed he might be a virgin--but not for much longer. Two men who looked to be brothers had one woman’s ripe breasts in their mouths, suckling. Her eyes were closed, a blissful smile lit her face, and she had a hard cock in each hand. Even the dignified housekeeper Valaria and her white-haired Theos were kissing and stroking each other’s bodies as eagerly as if they were young and newly in love. Other couples and groups were so entwined Jaenna couldn’t see exactly what they were up to, only that it was sensual and exciting.
And all the time the priest and priestess were chanting, honoring Lady Sun and the Lord of Grain. But now each was stroking the other so fervently that Jaenna wondered how they could still chant.

The air trembled with erotic energy. She could all but smell the arousal of all the people around her, and it caught her up like the water rushing through a wadi in flood. She turned to Nikos.
Tried to speak, but couldn’t.
Tried to move, but couldn’t.

Tried to remember the words he had taught her in the night, the ones used to open the ritual, but couldn’t.

The energy was beating too hard at her, clouding her brain, making her nipples ache and her sex swell with need, even after she’d thought she’d never be aroused.
“Please,” she mouthed, and she understood. She hoped the gods did as well.

Nikos drew her down and she didn’t resist. The drought-dried ground was scratchy, but she noticed it only vaguely because Nikos was there, smelling of aroused man and herbs and touching her, oh, touching her as she touched him.

Every caress, every nip and lick, vibrated into energy. Soon she couldn’t see Nikos clearly because of the golden glow around him, and because of the spirits pressing so close against them, scarcely visible but enough to blur her vision.
But she could feel him, feel his lips at her nipples, her rib cage, her belly, her thighs. She could feel his muscles twitch below hot skin as she explored him with hands and lips.

One hand slid between her legs. “So wet already,” he said, not in a whisper, but in a voice the gods themselves could hear. “Your moisture brings rain to nourish the earth. Lady Sun, Lord of Grain, look with favor on our offering.” Two fingers entered her, hitting a wonderfully sensitive place inside her that she thought even his skilled cock might not reach so perfectly, and his thumb circled her clit.

She remembered then what she was supposed to say, and she got as far as “Lady Sun” before his fingers worked their magic. Fire filled her, and she lost the power of saying anything more coherent than a moan.

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