Friday, August 10, 2012

I hope to not do...

99/365: Relax

very much at all this weekend. Starting today with going out to lunch with my mom.That will be the fun (overdue) kick off to laziness. I'm sure I'll end up doing stuff. I'll just do it in my own time. :)

The last few weeks I've been twisting myself up in knots over really strange stuff. What's this one's doing or that one or that person over there. And do I measure up, am I good enough and why haven't I ____________ (fill in that blank with something mind fucky and you'll be in my head space of late). And then the other night, out of nowhere, I switched my thinking up and realized, I am so lucky. So fucking lucky! I earn a living (it varies, but it is a living, albeit a humble one) doing what I love. What. I. Love. What I have always wanted to do for as far back as I can remember.

And suddenly, what that one or that one or the one over there was doing versus what I was doing seemed very irrelevant. The how blessed I am part of the whole scenario seemed like everything. Amazing what turning your thoughts on their head can do for you. Right?

So this weekend will be attempts to grow things and cook things and eat things and watch things and read things and maybe even write things. But in their own good time and when I feel like it. Because Monday will be here in a blink.  (But don't actually blink because then the Weeping Angels will get you. Yes! We finally hit *that* episode in our Doctor Whoathon. Yay!)

Have a great weekend! And if you want to read dirty, check out the post below. My novel Restless Spirit is now available in the US in paperback. Woohooo!


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