Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twisty, turny, windy...

Hotness? And yes! For a good cause. Awesomesauce.

My story Making Me Do Things (originally appeared in Coming Together: For the Cure to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness) is now in the new BDSM anthology Coming Together: With A Twist. And would you get a gander at that fabulously intense, and yet, somehow sweet, cover!

The deets:

Coming Together: With a Twist is a collection of BDSM erotica & erotic romance from various Coming Together publications.

All proceeds from the sales of this anthology as well as any individual titles released in ebook or audiobook will benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Authors include:
Alessia Brio, Jude Mason, Nicole Gestalt, Lisabet Sarai, Sommer Marsden, Amelia June, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Mari Freeman, and Xan West.

At $2.99 it's a steal. A steal for a good cause. Go grab yours HERE (or at your favorite vendor).



  1. That's a lovely cover. But not I want to know, what's the twist?


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