Friday, August 24, 2012


I don't have a ton to say. Frankly, the next few days is going to be a mad scramble to accomplish the following:

Some work on book 2 of my upcoming series.
A short spur of the moment submission.
Baking, baking and more baking for visiting family this weekend.
And um...about 27 more episodes of Doctor Who.

See, I made girl child a promise that I'd begin Doctor Who with her after her tonsil surgery this summer. I was doing it to amuse her. So yeah, then...
Christopher Eccleston! Love, love, love. And I only got the hunky Doctor for ONE SEASON. I was distraught. No one would ever replace Doctor 9 for me. No one! Everyone kept saying I'd love David Tennant but bah! What did they know?....

David Brilliant Tennant! Brilliant!Oh my god. It only took a few episodes for me to be entirely in love. I think he's my Doctor now, period. I had three seasons. Three! The final being my favorite, when he was with Donna because Donna was...wait for it~~~~~> Brilliant! She was, in my opinion, so far the best companion. Funny and sweet and kind and no bullshit. Doctor 10+Donna=awesome. And then...*sob*...

Now, I do like Matt Smith as Doctor 11. I do! I think he has his own quirks and humor and sometimes he's even almost cute. But...he's not my Doctor. Not in my heart. I'm still taking certain scenes and imagining David Tennant doing that scene whilst doing that birdie thing with is tongue when thinking or stumped or even using his Sonic Screwdriver. *sigh*

So you can see what *I* did this summer. Got my official geek membership card. Awesome!

p.s. If you don't do Doctor Who, you're probably stumped right now. Come back soon for an normal non-Who blog ;)


  1. I was with you - I LOVED Christopher Eccleston. I didn't think anyone could be better - but lo and behold I fell ass over teakettle for David Tennant. Haven't finished the Tennant years yet. So I have not seen any of Doc 11's work.

    But for me, it'll always be Tennant. Even if I do like Matt Smith.

    And yeah, I did the Doctor Who thing this summer and got my geek card too! (Only I started with Torchwood, so I needed to find out Captain Jack's origins).

    However, I do NOT agree with you on Donna. I thought she was brilliant, but a bit too much of a spaz for me. Rose will always be my Doctor's #1.

  2. My first Doctor was Tom Baker with Sarah Jane Smith. I do my best not to get all hipster about my Doctors but it can be difficult at times. Having gone through it so many times now I do think I have a certain zen understanding what each brings to the table.

    1. William Hartnell - I 've seen very few of his episodes but he is the classic.
    2. Patrick Trouton - His grandson played Much on the new Robin Hood series. He started the cosmic clown thing that has worked so well. Also Jamie and Zoe were great companions. Kind of remind me of Rory and Amy really.
    3. Jon Pertwee - His time stranded on earth established UNIT as a thing and saw the beginning of the Master. Also Venusian Judo. Seriously.
    4. Tom Baker - My first. The classic with the scarf. He still is the actor who has spent the most time as the Doctor. The Key to Time was a classic story arc.
    5. Peter Davison - For a long time I've claimed he was my favorite. He was young and fun.. plus the cricket uniform was awesome. Saying goodbye to his companions was hard.
    6. Colin Baker - Ok, I admit he annoyed me. They can't all be perfect.
    7. Sylvester McCoy - Superficially he reminded me of #2 but there was something more diabolical going on underneath.
    8. Paul McGann - TV Movie for FOX. Eric Roberts as the Master was awesome. The half-human thing was bizarre.
    9. Christopher Eccleston - OMG. He brought the Doctor back. Plus shell-shocked warrior in need of healing was so good.
    10. David Tennant - He was clever and fun and had a clear love of the character. By the end of the run I was sick of the focus on relationships. It wasn't until after that I appreciated the variety of the relationships.
    11. Matt Smith - I love the Ponds. I know a lot of people are annoyed by them but the whole Pond family (including River) just works for me.

    Technically there are two more Doctors and then we're done. I'm sure there will be a work around but it will piss me off if it isn't at least addressed. It has been an amazing 50 year ride and I'm only 36. (Time Travel!)

  3. I didn't know there should only be two more.

    My daughter bought some older seasons, wanting to own them all. She was v. bummed to find out that at one point they reused tapes, taping over certain episodes.

    Me, I looooove the Ponds. Though my favorite companion (of those I've seen) was Donna. Something about her made me happy.


  4. In my family it is my mother who is the big fan. She got all of the ones they showed on PBS recorded and then years later bough a DVD recorder to copy all her old tapes to DVD.

    The limit on regenerations was created during the 4th Doctor's time and was the main motivation for the Master's evil plot in the episode 'The Deadly Assassin'. The Master has hit the end of his regenerations and needs mastery of the time vortex on gallifrey in order to get around it but would destroy Gallifrey in the process.

    He is stopped and instead develops some form of body snatching to live on. By the time of the Fox movie, his living slime body invades Eric Robert's body. When he shows up in recent times (and apparently in the old episode 'The Five Doctors') it appears that the Time Lords can provide a new regeneration cycle, allowing for a new set of 12.


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