Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A trio of gore-juss love poems...

[182/365] Zombie Love

A trio of zombie love poems for you today. How lucky am I? We have Kristina Wright, Kiki Howell and Willsin Rowe. So grab a tasty beverage and peruse some words of zombie love and longing...I'm so excited I could just die. But...ya know, make sure I stay down...

Lay Your Bleeding Head, My Love
By Willsin Rowe

Lay your bleeding head, my love, 
Human on my skinless arm;
Time and undeath burn away
Individual beauty from
Thoughtful children, and the grave
Proves the braaain ephemeral:
But in my arms till break of skull
Let the living creature squirm,
Mortal, guilty, but to me
The entirely edible.

Hungering for You
By Kristina Wright

The light in your eyes, love
is bright with your need
But my desire is stronger
and a zombie must feed

The wind in the willow
the corpse in the tree
The brain in your hand
that you feed to me

But it's not enough, love
this much I confess
My hunger is growing
And you're an edible mess

Ode to My Dead Love Walking
By Kiki Howell

My husband, once cherished,
I lived, I loved, only because you were alive.
But now, You walk, though you have perished
And I, well I, merely try to survive.
Memories flood my mind
Of us alive, skin against skin.
Then my flesh trembles, because your death I relive
To the mournful, bitter truth, I must become resigned.
So now, I do alone, gulp your last bottle of harsh gin.
And yet, in disbelief, with anger, I refuse to accept or forgive.

But Bitten and buried,
I thought you knew,
The definition of Death isn’t varied.
Murder is a sin, it’s always been true.
To rise, to stalk,
When dead is wrong
To hunger, to feed,
Like you’re no more than a scavenging hawk
To torture, to kill, all day and all night long
Though I watch, safely hidden from you, inside I still bleed.

Though a faint spark of life guides you,
You retain none of your humanity.
I still dream of a love that’s true
As your bloody, mangled body limps toward me,
Sad truth creates a personal hell.
One of the f*@king walking dead
Is the man I once made love to.
Impossible decision, my heart does swell.
 I die inside, beyond filled with dread,
 As I cock my gun, and your flesh my bullet rips through. 


  1. I bow to Kiki, the undead Queen. Lovely work, ma'am.

  2. *giggles* Thank you, sir! I just had too much fun with the old rules of an Ode - ex-English teacher, sorry! I quite enjoyed yours and Kristina's, much less morbid than mine. Been watching way too much Walking Dead. "Lay your bleeding head, my love" is a great first line, Willsin, and "you're an edible mess" what a fantastic way to end, Kristina.

    Who knew zombie love poems could be such fun. Thanks Sommer, I really enjoyed this assignment :)

  3. I love your Zombie love poems. Willsin and Kikiyour rhymes moved my soul to appreciate the love and the undead.

  4. Damn those are amazing! Still working on mine, but it's hiding in the recesses of my brainzzzz....


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