Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another spooktacular zombie lurve poem...

Lady and the zombie tramp

Today's feartastic poem is from Miz Angell. Woohoo! Tasty:

The Unanswered Question

As I lay here dying,
And, you are in fact, the undead,
I have one last thought
That runs through my head

By putting me first,
and staying behind
you sacrificed yourself
my love, you were kind

you gave me my life
as they took yours away
but now you're here for mine
it's a price I can pay

The love I had for you
In life you’ll never again see
Because zombies are called that
For a reason or three

But with a pure heart
I can die knowing still
The greatest gift I could give
Has yet to be filled

Because of the movies
And Hollywood scripts
There’s just one last thing
I hope that’s not legend or myth

I wonder if eating my brain
As we are told that zombies do
Will make you somehow smarter
And boost that negative IQ?

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