Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Snapped! or Sneaky Peeker!

Not so much snapped as caved, but snapped sounded more dramatic ;) I have not been looking at reviews or ranking or any of that for weeks and weeks (like 6-8). I have been super proud. But with a brand new book out from HarperCollins (Boys Next Door) and one in 50 Shades of Grey Magazine (Learning to Drown), I have peeked at ranking a few times. I dare you to be an author and NOT peek during times like that.

Anyway, in my sneaky peeking, I accidentally saw some reviews had been added for Restless Spirit. And the most recent ones made my whole sneaky peeking morning! You can see the whole reviews on Restless Spirit's amazon buy page, but the parts that made me smile over my coffee like a mad woman with crazy bed head and only one eye open are as follows:

"It was well written and OMG It was way better than fifty shades of grey.. My husband said thank you to the writer Sommer Marsden...You're Awesome!!"

"This is the second book I have read by this author and there is a reason for it, the sex is hot! If you are looking for a good steamy read, I would highly recommend this book."Thank you, ladies! And reader #1, tell your hubs I said, "you're welcome" :)

Now that starts a Saturday off the right way. Have a lovely weekend, y'all. I hope it's as chilly and fall-ish wherever you are as it is here in my neck of the woods.


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