Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh good morning, class!

Well it seems I had an overnight response to my blog though my blog was not pointed at any one person. I was strictly talking about reviews, to clarify. So if you say 'but what about...but what about...but what...?" No. I named the one and only thing I was referring to and that was low balling a book the 'reviewer' is also in. As in me taking any one of the anthologies on my copies shelf and ripping it apart publicly.

I could sit here and bang my head against the wall...heh heh, I mean give a long winding response. Or I can just be lazy and go on about my day with my family and enjoy myself by pasting this in (below). I hope it clears up any points people might have misunderstood. Bottom line: you are 1110% welcome to your opinion AND expressing it if you choose. I am 1110% welcome to have a human reaction and possibly have very  human feelings of hurt and distress. If you think I'm wrong, I guess you've never felt that way.

It would be different were I blogging that every person in an anthology should go and give an automatic 5 star review without fail. That is wrong. I am simply saying, given circumstances, you might not want to whip off a scathing 1 star review for a book you appear in. I think in this whole truth, opinion and justice frame of mind so many of us writers have, I am hobbled a bit by my own mindset. When I hold a book, I am holding someone's dreams and effort and hopes. I am holding something they worked very hard for. And even if I think it is the biggest blob of rubbish I have ever held in my hand, I have an extremely hard time giving it a nasty, negative review. Perhaps I'm just broken.

Old book bw
That being said, here is my lazy update which is a response on Facebook. If you are on Remittance Girl's FB page, you can see it. If not, you can read RG's blog if you like and piece it together.

I'm going to say one thing and one thing only just because comment number one made me laugh. No one is talking about censorship. And no one is threatening anyone. That's ridiculous. The point of the matter is to go and eviscerate a book *you* appear in as an author and bad mouth your fellow authors and/or your editor and/or your publisher is probably not a prudent thing and it happens all the time. If you hate the book, don't review it. I personally agree with a comment I saw yesterday (I think it might have been Vida Bailey) who said it's kind of weird to review a book you're in anyway. And I agree. I think I've done it once and that was become some of the other stories were so stellar I couldn't help myself. To be honest, I do not think authors (or editors or publishers) should rate or review their own books period. What *I* think is arrogant is publicly flaying a book you appear in and then returning to that editor later with a new submission in hand after you have already disrespected their work--often mocking things that that person has NO CONTROL OVER such as cover--to me that is the epitome of arrogance. We are not walking around saying you are not entitled to your opinion. We are saying, in this kind of case, it is possibly better to use the old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" given you ARE ALSO in said book. It is rare for an anthology to contain stories that please everyone. You are bound to read some you like, some you love and some you hate. Do you really--as a contributor--need to bad mouth your own book? That being said, you are certainly welcome to say whatever you like. I think the main point is we are HUMAN, I think sometimes writers who only do one end of the equation forget that. So I welcome you commenter number one to bust your ass on an anthology and have one of your authors give it a one star review and then not bat an eyelash. Let me know how that goes for you.

And yes, I think I got a bit emotional at the end, but guess what? I am a person, I am a writer, I am an editor. Mother, nurse, chauffeur, teacher, crafter, wife, sister, daughter, friend...but above all, I am human. I am not a fucking cyborg. So...yeah, everyone will have to deal with that.

Have a great rest of your holiday weekend. I plan to ;)


Author's Note: I am stumbling back to the computer after a lovely breakfast with the man to clarify: the above pasted in section is a response to a reader/commenter on RG's FB page. That is not my response to her or her blog. Simply a rebuttal to a comment made. It simply summed up what I was trying to say in general so that's why you see it above. xo
Author's Note AGAIN: Apparently the blog has been retitled on RG's site and reloaded to FB so if you go looking for the original (including above) it's gone, baby, gone. No, you are not crazy. And my final word: I never said that if you give any bad reviews in erotica I will not work with you as some have implied or said *I* implied. What I said was in a nutshell, if I have you in my book and then you bad mouth it, I'm not going to bend over backwards to work for you again. You tell me why I should. So here is what I said verbatim (found next blog down): And personally, as an editor, if I bend over backward to work with you and then you shoot me with your flare gun in the name of truth and opinion and all that stuff...if you take a machete to my work and my ideas or even--in some cases--me as a person, I will agree wholeheartedly that is indeed your right to have that opinion. Sure thing. But let's face it, kids, I probably won't bend over backwards to work with you again.

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