Saturday, September 15, 2012


This week literally bit me on the ass. And though, ya know...*ahem*...I'm usually rather partial to that kind of thing, the whole past 7 days has sort of left me stunned. And slowish. So you probably heard my high pitched screeching over this on Twitter and/or Facebook if you follow me, but I'm finally getting around on putting it up here.

Rachel Kramer Bussel mentioned little ole moi and moi's book Learning to Drown in the new 50 Shades of Grey magazine in the book section. And not just me, super RKB also mentioned Justine Elyot, Alison Tyler, Kristina Wright, Delilah Devlin and a few more authors. So if you're taking a pass on 50 Shades or if you've already devoured it  and want more, take a peek at Rachel's picks to amp up your dirty reading.

Now...I have to put some clothes on. They frown upon one stumbling through the grocery store in Halloween slippers, a Lost Boys tee and some Tootsie Roll Pop pajama pants. I have no idea why.


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