Thursday, September 6, 2012

Today I'm feeling lazy so...

You get a blog in pictures! I didn't sleep so wonderfully last night, so forgive me if I yawn. We started watching the show Treme, so I'm not surprised that when I did sleep heavy I dreamed of New Orleans and musicians and trombones. Heh...bones. Anyway, here is some good news in the form of pictures. Ready?

Violet Blue recently mentioned my Xcite Collection The Best of Sommer Marsden on her blog. If you click it I'm right below Donna George Storey and Alison Tyler is sitting on top of her. Well, not sitting....resting? Splaying? Reclining? We're all cozy, is my point! As always, Violet humbles me and totally makes my day all in one fell swoop. I can never resist a screenshot of her blog. Her blog is the neat, super cool apartment you visit when you first move out on your own and you think: man, one day my place will be this cool...So, no.

Good news two:

Tada! I am Coming Soon! And I have never been more excited to be Coming Soon :)

And if you click on me where I am Coming Soon (oooh, that feels good) you get a page for my very soon to be released novel BOYS NEXT DOOR. Yay! Very excited to be a part of HarperCollins new Mischief Line. It's just so...sleek. I am almost giddy, but I assure you, it will get much worse when the book actually comes out. Heh.

That is my whole boatload of good news. I hope I made sense. As I said in the beginning of this strange little post. I didn't necessarily sleep well. Maybe I'll take a nap today. Probably not, but maybe!


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